My Tamagotchi Forever Free Download For Android

You are looking for a fun, exciting game to relax the mind and relieve work pressure. An excellent suggestion for you is My Tamagotchi Forever. You will be immersed in the pet world with many exciting games and quests, and especially a lot of attractive gifts waiting for players to explore ahead. So let’s discover immediately what exciting things await you in this game!

My Tamagotchi Forever game attracts players by the attractive, attractive storyline. Players will feed Tamagotchi characters and share a fascinating adventure in Tamagotchi town! Tamagotchi characters in the game need your care every day to ensure you are healthy and happy. Some of the daily tasks for you are feeding Tamagotchi pets, bathing, playing entertaining games, meeting other Tamagotchi friends in town, …

At the same time, Players can also customize their own Tamatown with their favorite items. In particular, players can also participate in the beautiful Hide & Seek game. The character will be tasked with finding his friends lurking around corners, in bushes, inside buildings, … around town. When searching for all the characters in the time available, then the player can move on to the next level.

My Tamagotchi Forever is a game that has received a lot of appreciation from players because of its beautiful but straightforward gameplay. Players will explore the romantic town of Tamagochi while raising a Tamagotchi pet. Besides, the game also allows players to earn money and improve the level by performing exciting tasks, attractive minigames in the game. Players can also share memorable moments and memories with friends and acquaintances through the game.

Simultaneously, the tasks during the game are incredibly diverse and rich; players can freely choose their favorite missions. Players can also unlock food, costumes, decorations, … for Tamagotchi pets. The higher the level, the more difficult the player needs to achieve a certain number of points, food, and costume;… When completing the set objectives, an egg will be hatched.

The characters in this game are not like other Tamagotchi waves. Since the growth did not depend on the quality of care, Tamagotchi foods were replaced instead. Different stages will be added to the stages; each character will have different shapes, personalities, and abilities. Therefore, the Tamagotchi characters’ development will reflect how well the player cares.

The characters that will appear as a child are Futabatchi, Omututchi, Mimifuwatchi, PuchiTeletchi, Ufufutchi. Then there will be other characters appearing: the toddler stage Hoshitchi, Meganetchi, Mizutamatchi, Puchitchi Mohitamatchi, Tamagotchi, and the teenage stages, adulthood, … Every once in a while wants to increase Character level, players must have careful care regime about food, lifestyle, and daily hygiene. Therefore, this game requires players to participate thoughtfully and skillfully to complete as many tasks as possible to obtain many valuable items for the character.

This game will own rich, varied minigames, full of genres from fun, fighting, intelligence… players can freely choose the games they love like to make money and level up fast.

Some interesting games include Match 3- mission of connecting potions of different colors, Planet Hop- exploring space and other planets, Band Practice – touching the notes when they show up and collect coins along the way, Hide and Seek – Tamatown’s miniature version find hidden characters within the time limit, Hoops – shoot one of the 3 basketball balls into the circle. Doodle Pairs – find matching items for a limited time. Layer Cake – stack the cake on top of each other so that the shape holds the longest. 2048 – numbered sliding blocks fit together to form larger, culminating in a block with the number 2048, Witchcraft – copying sound and light of the vial …

With interesting things, the attraction that this game brings, you should definitely experience the game My Tamagotchi Forever in the shortest time. In addition to the main task, this game also has countless interesting minigames for players, so you will not feel bored when playing this game for a long time. So, do not miss this fascinating game to get the most relaxing and comfortable moments!

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