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Pets have become an endless source of inspiration for game publishers and economists. Pets play a very important role for everyone because of its many advantages. Pets can comfort your soul at times of weakness, with you to overcome all the pain, experiencing happy moments. They make people more active and closer together. Therefore, the game market has brought cute dogs and cats into the game to attract a large number of fans. Until now, there have been many contents, many ways to play with many types of games, but the game My Talking Tom still captures much of the player’s love by the lovely cats like My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom 2, My Talking Hank came from publisher Outfit7 Limited.

Virtual Pet & Best Friend
My Talking Angela was born to cat lovers. There have been good comments from many people, many sexes, regardless of age and most of them feel satisfied. That’s enough to prove this cat’s popularity. What’s more, fun when you can chat and make friends with a cute cat. You don’t need to worry because cat hairs can make you sick. Those who have been allergic to cat hair but still want to contact, My Talking Angela is a completely right choice.

Players can take care of Angela in her spare time without spending too much energy and time. You only have to take a few seconds to bath Angela, if you forget this, then a few days later your cat’s fur will be stained. It bothers you and the cat. So take care of it regularly, players will not take much time to do it. After a while Angela will be hungry and need to find food, will you help her lovely cat? Let the cat eat delicious food so that it can grow day by day and become a healthy cat. Participating in the game you will have a lot of interesting things to discover and decorate the house for the cat is one of them. The longer the player participates, the faster the cat grows on the level. At each level, there will be unexpected gifts for players to stimulate their curiosity. Because the higher you level up, the more decoration and amenities you will get in Angela’s house. After changing the color of the walls, floor tiles or light bulbs in the living room, bedroom, and bathroom, you can change the whole time to look for a fresh new home.

A great thing for those who are and will experience the My Talking Angela game is that you can collect makeup like eyeshadow, makeup cream or lipstick to make your cat girl so stylish. Players can also go shopping to add beautiful dresses and dresses. The game also brings players to the fashion world when you need to coordinate the clothes, shoes, and jewelry so that Angela is perfect. The catgirl can also change her trendy hairstyle and sparkling makeup to appeal to herself. Next is the player who will take Angela to the dance studio, where Angela can attend dance training classes suitable for fun music or take part in competitions among many other cats. Make your Angela look beautiful, flexible with modern dance moves that make cat boys admiring and admiring her. Players can also make friends with other players to compete. Become an excellent player when you bring Angela to the top of the glory, which helps experience points or the money you earn.

There are also countless puzzle games or interesting mini-games that stimulate your curiosity to conquer. Of course, after winning these games you will win countless attractive prizes for your cat. It could be Angela’s jewelry, house decorations, and clothes. If they are too many and you want to talk, go to friends to help or exchange for the items you want to own.

Regarding the interface of this game, it has become much more beautiful than previous updates. The color of the game is also very refreshing that stimulates the imagination of the player. Outfit7 Limited is a producer who created this game. They also have a lot of products along with themes released on Google Play. It seems that these games all work in the same way but My Talking Angela’s own game has created a good feeling in the hearts of fans because many features are thoroughly exploited. The entertainment activities for cats and girls Angela is also very focused.

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