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My Story: Choose Your Own Path is a situational simulation, and it itself has more than 20 million downloads, becoming one of the hottest games on the market today. First, we need to understand this game genre, this is the game genre that allows players to transform into characters in different stories. Unlike novels or fairy tales, these games allow players to build everything by their choice. They can do anything, build relationships, … All can be done through this category. Return to “My Story”, which is the product that Nanobit is most proud of, from which they continuously release different game variations with a different interface and special features. But this game still stands above all, it will constantly update countless different stories for players. So they can choose whatever genre they like and then start their journey in that world. The plot of a story will not be set, it is just a framework, players need to create a plot. This is exactly what I always love in this game genre.

As described above, players don’t need to control the character moving around in a complicated way. They just need to sit still and relax while making decisions to change their fate in the story. They can choose any story they want, the whole story will be categorized into separate categories, players can search by the genre they want to start getting acquainted with the game.

Let me give an example of a basic episode in a story, you are a first-year student, and someone accidentally runs into you. At this time, the game will display the following options, the answers will all make the conversation take place in a certain direction, for example, positive or negative. So you are free to build your character’s character in the eyes of the opponent any way you want. You can even try to build a relationship with the goal, just trying to contact the goal will succeed.

The game also has a number of situations that occur that players do not anticipate. And these situations often play a major role in the plot, and players are required to make decisions within a limited time. The plot of the story will be played the way the player wants, don’t worry about this, the player can replay the situation. So just explore all the consequences your decision produces, no loss at all.

Do you wonder why these games have a costume element? Because in conversations, your character will constantly appear on the screen, and the costume will also change the look of the opponent. Not only that, but costumes also play a very important role in these games. For example, you have a party at night, and you are invited by your boyfriend. He tells you in advance that he wears a suit, and you need to choose an outfit to suit him. Costumes will appear through many different options, and your decision will change the way the opponent looks and affects the relationship. You can decide the direction of the relationship the way you want it, your life, so the decision is yours.

If you are a fan of immersive characters in different backgrounds, you want to explore each life in each world separately. Or try the feeling of someone who has an important role, … Everything will be in “My Story”, join now and start building a world of your own.

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