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Are you ready to love someone yet? You are ready to enter a world of love, of romance. When you become a My Love: Choose Your Own Story player, you will enter a world full of fun and full of passionate emotions. The game will recreate a love story of your own with so much joy, happiness as well as sadness when loving each other. How is the story going? The character will get love or refuse it to pursue its passion. How are you going to date and will that love end up to a complete ending? Join us and experience to find the key to the success of the game.

Exciting content is updated every day
Players will always find a new feeling when participating in the game because the story full of romance and drama will be updated every day. Players only need to choose the content that they love to experience the story itself. So what will happen to you in that love story? When starting the game, you will choose the most beautiful costumes for the characters, so they are ready to step on the path to find love. You will also get acquainted with many characters and are ready to face the challenges that will occur in the next story. In addition, you need the dexterity to flirt with cute boys and girls to enter a dating, love, or happy relationship. Obviously, this is your own love story, so decisions when choosing between choices need to be thoughtful and careful. At the same time, players will discover a new world full of interesting but also a lot of complex, difficult.

Interesting stories are waiting for you to choose
My Love: Choose Your Own Story to offer a story bank for players to easily find their favorite things. It could be the story of a beautiful day when a cute newcomer from the same school comes to you, and it seems that he has a crush on you. What a start of a tumultuous term in “More than friends.” Become a confident girl in the fashion world with “Fashion Rebels.” Or you will become a high school girl trying to turn her image into a mature and seductive in “High School – A Survival Guide.” You notice a guy and want him to invite you only to the ball during the “Summer Festival.” Make eye contact with him and make him understand your message. Finally, make up attractive, dress up to impress and take over the person you like to have a beautiful ending. The whole story revolves around you, and only you can be the most prominent factor. It’s you, girl.

Graphics and sound very attractive
With just one click, the player was able to take the story to a different development by choosing the decisions that the game makes. Players will easily participate in the game thanks to the easy-to-understand conversations and simple gameplay. My Love: Choose Your Own Story gives a nice and modern look to the player’s thanks to the building of a very nice and thorough character system. In addition, the tunes included in the game are also a plus point not to be missed.

The game is a success of the role-playing game series in leading players to participate in a story in life. Join the game; you will be back to girls, boys, and romantic love stories. This is the reason for you to hesitate without experiencing immediately.

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