My Horse Stories Free Download For Android

Owning and managing a horse farm is definitely great, isn’t it? However, it is difficult for us to do this. But, here I will introduce to you a very good game for you to experience this wonderful work, which is My Horse Stories, released by Crazy Labs by TabTale – the title has attracted a lot of lovers lately.

Coming to My Horse Stories, you will transform into a girl from the city to return to the countryside. You will be able to choose for yourself a horse that you love the most, take care, and train the big horse to become a horse racing champion. Get ready for an exciting summer! Compete and win your opponent, and maybe even love the person you love in the game!

You were originally looking forward to spending this summer coming to New York, but your plans have changed. You’ve been sent to central Kentucky to spend this summer with your grandmother – a very dear friend on a picturesque horse farm. Take advantage of this trip, wear leather clothes – like a real cowboy with the horse you have chosen, start training for the trip as a champion, and turn your vacation into a memorable time! Your opponents are also formidable, so be careful!

My Horse Story
Writing your own story, experiencing true farm life will make you feel like you are truly living in the game. Train daily with your pet until you are ready to compete in real international horse races. The horse training ground is equipped with the same exercises as in the real training place if you do not know much about horses and horse training, then through this game, you can learn a lot of interesting things there!

You’ll be wearing a western cowboy outfit, with the best cowboy clothes and cowboy boots ever! Take care of your horse daily, feed him, bathe and groom him to become the most beautiful horse on the farm, and don’t forget to bring him the most beautiful saddle. In addition to looking after and training horses to help your grandmother with housework, this is also a way to train for you! Winning the races will give you lots of bonuses, which can be used to upgrade your farm as well as build new facilities in many other places.

Learn from more experienced trainers to perfect your horse racing skills. And pay attention to Kaitlyn, a sneaky and cunning girl. Kaitlyn will be a very formidable opponent for you on the track but show her who is the new horse racing champion in the match. Participate in the largest and most exciting horse race in the world. Let the crowd admire and cheer at your great footsteps on the track. Win and climb to the top of the My Horse Story rankings and make your family proud of you!

Go from city girl to country gal
Through the races that will help you make new friends, make friends with those friendly friends to help each other become stronger. And maybe among those friends, you will meet the person you love. Join him to become the fastest couple on the track and win every opponent that stands in your way!

My Horse Story is an extremely interesting game. It will help you to experience a new life that you have never had the opportunity to try and live with intelligent and extremely powerful horses, along with great friends. Certainly, My Horse Story will be a game that you love. It will be great to entertain after stressful studying and working hours. Download My Horse Story now and enjoy yourself on the track with your beloved horse!

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