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You are feeling bored. Nothing will surprise you. So I challenge you to play the game METEL HORROR ESCAPE without being surprised and thrilled. An exciting game with a style of ‘hide and seek,’ giving players the feeling of suspense and heartbreak. A feeling of euphoria when you escape the man in the game always rising. Please download the game right away and enjoy this unique feeling. You will come to the house of an eccentric, with a weird face, bringing a feeling of fear and horror guy. Don’t lose your temper, be careful when trying to find a way out for yourself, and keep the Madman in the house from noticing your attempt to find a way out for you to be safe.


In this game, you will be a victim kidnapped by a violent pervert. So you won’t advise him or speak appropriately with him, let go of that crazy intention. Wanting to get rid of him is only to rely on the cleverness and agility of your best friend to find a way out before he finds out you want to escape. When you enter the house, you will be locked in an old sharp cage, and the house where you are locked is quite messy and old, with objects scattered all over the house. The layout of the house with many objects will help well for your escape.


Opening before your eyes in the space of a dark wooden house, you are locked in an iron cage in the corner. Fortunately, the madman is not around you all the time, and you must open the iron cage and exit as fast as possible. You walk around the house tries to find for yourself items that are beneficial for escape. The house will have details such as hammers, nails, screws, or you will find pieces of paper with hints of escape. You will collect items without making any noise. Just a small noise, the crazy killer will run in; unfortunately, you will be notified a few papers before the killer enters and punishes you if he knows you run away. So in a short time, you quickly return to the iron cage and close the iron cage pretending nothing happened. If, unfortunately, you leave a trace you are trying to rummage away from him, you will be under attack. He will crazily use electricity to prick the iron cage to punish you. Thrilling and heart-pounding moments through METEL HORROR ESCAPE, right?

You have three chances of trying to escape. During the game, you can collect items and craft your own weapons; however, METEL HORROR ESCAPE will favor the element of “quiet” action. The game encourages players to ignore the madman’s confrontation and hide, avoid having to encounter them. And don’t act stupid as one on one with a madman. You won’t win against him.
The game will increase the difficulty level. There will be four levels. You will get into a different victim situation at each level and study the victims’ history to play better. This is the best horror game on mobile. After entering this game world, maybe you will have to stay up all night because you are still haunting the game’s frames.


Coming to the game METEL HORROR ESCAPE, you will enjoy super-sharp HD three-dimensional space, extreme illustrations, creating a real feeling when playing the game, the thrilling thrill to give players emotions like are in a whole run. The game presented in the first-person perspective is your perspective, so everything that passes in your eyes is self-explanatory and detailed. The sound you go and make a sound like that. All blended from the sound of the progression to create a beautiful game that you cannot miss.


In recent years, the game METEL HORROR ESCAPE has been upgraded a lot, especially the graphics and various content. Deserve a horror game developed and loved on the phone. Horror games are dialogues that always bring a feeling of fear and can say the extremely high tension and panic that it gives you. But not so that this game genre has few players, but on the contrary, people want to find that feeling as relaxation for themselves. And if you are a fan of this game series, download and join immediately in the equally creepy atmosphere of this horror game. It will be deplorable when you have not enjoyed this top-notch game.

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