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Games with beautiful graphics give players new experiences and immerse them in pre-made worlds. It will motivate players to move from one level to another and ultimately make them love. So manufacturers always focus on this factor to make a good impression on players. It can be said that graphics will be one of the factors that help players think about whether to install their game or not. If you are looking for a game to entertain and bring you a beautiful world, Mergical is the game you should try.

Mergical is an entertaining game with the mission to explore new lands and bring prosperity to it. The game can run stably on systems with the medium configuration so that anyone can experience it. It doesn’t have too many factors that interrupt the player’s experience and don’t take up too much memory space.

The game has currently attracted more than 1 million installs, which can be seen as a sure success. It has been a fun experience for the players, giving them positive feedback and appreciating it. At the same time, the publisher continues to improve its product and ensure a problem-free player experience. The new update versions continue to bring exciting things to players to find something new while playing this game.

In Mergical, you will have your land and adjust it depending on your preferences. In other words, you are renovating and redecorating it to make it more beautiful. Beautifully designed lands and characters give the player an impression. At the same time, this is a factor that makes them curious and eager to be discovered. Any player wants these lands to become brighter to show prosperity.

One thing remarkable in this game is that these lands do not always have green grass with growing plants. During the game, you will also see the soil wither to be motivated to turn them back to normal. Simultaneously, the game is only open to players on lands they own, and elsewhere there will be clouds of cover. That stimulates players to explore new islands and expand the scale of their control.

The gameplay of Mergical is straightforward, that anyone can easily approach, and does not require too many skills. There will be a game screen where there will be sure and similar plants. Your responsibility is to put them together and immediately train them to transform into a new shape. You will do this continuously to be able to complete the task.

You will not only have to merge the trees anyway; you should fulfill the needs of that level. Specifically, each screen will have positioning requirements, such as ensuring the number created by some trees. It can be said that this is a way of playing that requires you to think carefully to complete the game screen’s mission. Merging of elements on an island can be done when you move a part somewhere else. That allows players to create their playstyle while also enriching in-game strategies.

Speaking of each screen’s mission, players should also pay attention to each screen’s level of evaluation. Specifically, three stars level of completion is indicated in each stage that you can see before starting. You can click on them to see the requirements to achieve each star. Therefore, during the game, you have to fulfill all the given conditions to get the best results.

You complete those levels to find items and trees that you can add to your home’s landscape. These elements also appear together and have overlapped, so you can merge them to create something new. You will perform the decoration and complete the levels in parallel. Since this island in your possession, you will arrange the objects contained on that land as you like.

Mergical gives players moments of light entertainment and a beautiful world. You will observe your land and wish to be able to improve it. You will encounter many problems during the game, such as withered landscapes and a desire to scale up your possession towards cloud-covered areas. With its simple gameplay, any player can access it, but each level requires a challenge that they must go through. Therefore, the player’s experience will always be changing and enjoyable.

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