Mega War – Clash of Legions Free Download For Android

Real-time strategy games have existed for a really long time. The first real-time strategy game is the Herzog Zwei. It was released in 1989. Since then until now, many real-time strategy games have been released like Star Craft (1998), Rise of Nations (2003), Company of Heroes (2006), etc., but those games are too obsolete, and almost no one plays them anymore. If you are a loyal fan of the game genre, you should check out Clash of Legions – raise your art of war in top RTS, a new generation real-time strategy game.

Clash of Legions – rise your art of war in top RTS is a hardcore real-time strategy game on the mobile phone. It is an upgrade of the old real-time strategy games with an interesting card collection mechanism.

The gameplay at the beginning of the game is quite similar to other games of the same genre. Your mission is to pass the levels in-game, recruit more allies, build a powerful army, and lead them to victory. To do this, you have to practice as much as you can. It is all about unit control and attacks.

Clash of Legions – rise your art of war in top RTS has 3 basic resources corresponding to 3 different units that you need to know. First of all, Castle helps you summon goblins, gathers resources, and Goblin, a basic unit for collecting, transporting resources, and building. Next is Barrack and Swordsman. Barrack is a construction that help you summon a battle unit (Swordsman) to attack and defense. Swordsman is a low-cost, high defense melee attack unit. Finally, that is Refinery and Archer. Refinery refines gas that can be turned into resources, and Archer is a ranged unit capable of air attack. In addition to passing different levels of the game, you also have the ability to collect new resources and units in the form of cards. These are resources and units with remarkable power; they will help you a lot in your journey to victory.

Now it is time to learn how to use various spells and skills, and make you an even bigger menace! Targeted skills are the unit skills be specifying a target, such as an enemy unit or terrain. Normal skills are the unit skill that is activated immediately without targeting. And spells, you can use spells such as Blizzard, Fireball, etc., to raise your combat morale.

Clash of Legions – rise your art of war in top RTS owns an endless number of levels with many unique designs to help you not get bored. The graphics of this game are beautifully designed with a mix of both eastern and western warrior characters. The architecture in the game is designed with a science fiction style. Together with scary monsters, powerful music has created a unique real-time strategy game. The game also has many other functions such as shopping with real money for those who have little time to train or friends mode (you can choose to fight with or against your friends).

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