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War and the stories surrounding it are always a very hot topic and receive the attention of many people because it can reflect the truth of war. Many war movies and games have been made to show the things that war affects people. In it, the movies about World War II are the most produced because it is something that has changed the world and still affects to this day. Today I will bring a game about World War 2 between Russia and Japan with the game MazM: Pechka – a very interesting game. This game will reflect on players a lot of interesting things about the war for players to experience.

This game is revolved around a real event in the world war era between Russia and Japan to bring truths to players. But to avoid unnecessary things, the game has replaced the names of real people into fake names. The story of the game revolves around the main character Pyotr, a man working as an interpreter living in Russia to experience the game. At the turn of the 20th century, Russia was grappling with the aftermath of the war with Japan and trying to restore its economy after the war. Because he is a translator, he has worked with the senior members many times and learned many secrets of this war. There are a lot of secrets still going on and all of them have something interesting waiting for players. So when coming to the game, the player will be accompanied by Pyotr to learn all the mysteries that the game is hiding.

Integrating historical educational elements
This game is adapted from a real historical story, so it is not surprising that the game has been incorporated into historical elements. This game is not only a game but also a history book so that players can learn about what happened. The player can through it to increase his knowledge of the history and know more about the events and secrets of World War II. In the game, the main character has gone through many places, knowing very well. As many things revolve around the war, it’s not uncommon that his knowledge of war is immense. When the player controls the protagonist somewhere or meets someone with an exclamation mark on the top, you can read the profile of that person. In that biography, there are many events related to this war for players to learn. Although history is something that very few people are interested in learning, it is certain that when it comes to the game, even those who do not like history will read it. The game’s style of conveying these facts is very clever when it succeeds in attracting the attention of many people who come to learn.

Discover the mysteries of the game
In this game, there are many mysteries for players to learn and all of them are very interesting. The player will have to hunt for the killer while all the evidence is against you. Everyone thinks that Pyotr is the culprit, but the truth is not so, he escapes and tries to blame Peter. Although it is true, no one believes it is true, so players can only accompany alone on this journey only. The player’s journey, although long and full of mysteries, is all very interesting and worth the effort to explore.

Character Interaction
One of the most important elements of the game is that the player can interact with NPCs in the game. Although they are the NPCs, they are the ones who play a very important role in bringing players to the end result. Players need to interact and chat with NPCs to find useful information from them. But in order to find the answer, just talking to the NPC is not enough, but more is needed. When dealing with NPCs, the player needs to give correct statements so that the NPCs can say what is useful to you.

Sounds and images
The game’s images portray the coldness of war in Russia when winter covers everything for players to feel. The graphics of the game are beautifully designed and detailed, the characters have a chibi appearance to minimize the pain of war. When the image of the game is combined with the sound and music in the game, it brings unforgettable emotions to the player.

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