Mafia Inc – Idle Tycoon Game Free Download For Android

Almost everyone has heard and seen Mafia bandits appear on cartoons, right? A name too familiar, now OneSoft Global PTE has built and recreated the cartoon characters that are present in the game Mafia Inc – Idle Tycoon Game. A game associated with childhood memories will surely make players enjoy and fall in love with this game itself.

Mafia Inc is a game set quite interestingly that in the year 2077 at the end of the century, gangsters from all countries rushed to the city to form a gang and turn everyone into their own gangster paradise street. In the game, this city is a city that lives out of the law and is far from all the world countries, and it is the criminals who create the mythical rules. You will become prey if you do not meet its requirements. You are considered a gangster world simulation game where you can run everything to build your own Mafia Empire. It can be regarded as the best game for mobile devices. Although the game’s content is somewhat violent, it is enjoyable and exciting for everyone.

Immediately after entering the game, you will be playing the role of a free Mafia capitalist tycoon who takes all power and builds an empire according to your rules. Players will have to manage cunning businesses and gather talented Capos to do the bidding and capture every territory without any means necessary. Furthermore, in order to build a crime empire, players must arrange the planting of grass, eliminate competitors and improve their plants. What you do is refurbish the factory, collect the stolen goods and train with guns at the firing ranges and invent new chemicals, among other activities. Become a benevolent leader or a ruthless criminal. Everything in the game, whom you steal and what you steal, is up to you.

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