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In today’s gaming world, GTA is still one of the largest monuments. It is a game that gathers a lot of genres and gives players more engaging experiences. It’s easy to understand why it became a big revenue game and got so many ideas from developers. MadOut Games is a game publisher who has also achieved specific successes with his game series. To make it easier to imagine, it has some similar features to GTA 5.

Players will be brought into a chaotic world where there is no justice or righteousness. Only the new power is the ultimate truth that you must follow. Factors that make up the appeal of this game are racing cars. If you pay close attention, all of MadOut’s games are racing games and MadOut2 BigCityOnline is the same. You will use your racing cars as a tool to create power. There is no purpose in the game at all, just surviving in a world full of chaos.

Online mode – up to 64 players on the map
MadOut2 BigCityOnline makes a difference thanks to its graphics. For a game like this, the full 3D format is always a prerequisite. Players will be allowed to control meticulously designed characters. The game world is vast, but according to the game, the developer said it is 10 km2 wide. Such a large territory will be a place for you to freely fight, customize yourself with many different objects. Sometimes you can escape waiting for your strength to recover or use them to hide and ambush the absent-minded enemies. The game also has a variety of weapons for players to use. Explosion effects that bring them extremely interesting, close to reality, interact well with the environment and players. Gamers will rarely encounter lag or image errors when playing games.

When entering the gaming screen is the same time this uncompromising battle begins. You have no chance to make a mistake because it will pay for itself. Players will be taken to a large territory where up to 100 opponents are eager to kill each other. Actually, with these descriptions, it seems like the famous Battle Royale games, but maybe this is not the point where developers want to focus too much.

The most concerned and upgraded factor is cars. In the game, there will be extremely modern and new automotive garages so that players can go there and own a satisfied car. You will accompany your beloved car on a roadblock. If you really love your car, don’t lose it because in this game there is a chance to rob the opponent’s car.

Speaking of car design, it’s complicated. For casual games, players will be able to customize freely with existing models. You will select what you like and apply it to your car. Colors and expensive designs are enough to make style. But “MadOut2 BigCityOnline” will allow you to customize more in design. You can choose designs and control their in-depth indicators. You will decide where it is located in the car, its size, directions, and many other aspects.

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