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The development history of side-scrolling racing games has gone through many ages, and they have had countless different variations for every platform. The evolution of those games is evident through the graphics, controls, gameplay, and more—especially mobile games, as they are the best platform to develop side-scrolling platform games. Typically, Mad Skills Motocross 3 was released on Google Play, and it caught the attention of players when it introduced completely new gameplay. The game also applies realistic physical mechanics, and excellent 3D graphics help bring players new experiences that other mobile games cannot have.

Intense dirt bike racing
Mad Skills Motocross 3 is the third game in its series, and also the most improved game in terms of graphics, gameplay, and features. The game will retain the same gameplay structure as the previous games, which is terrain racing, but with the advent of physical physics, its gameplay is greatly improved. Players will use one of the terrain motorbikes available in the game, thereby participating in a series of challenges to prove themselves and experience a variety of different environments. The game emphasizes off-road elements, and players will always have to keep the first place from other riders to get the best reward and unlock the next challenge.

More challenges, more players
The number of challenges in this game will make the environment more diverse, thereby giving players a variety of attractive terrain for them to experience. Moreover, with the appearance of other riders, players must always focus on the balance factor and utilize the terrain appropriately to receive a speed boost. Most terrains in the game are complexly designed, with high slopes, and can make players turn over. But with lean forward and backward, it’s easier than ever to keep their balance. Also, the player must know how to control the speed of the motorbike, thereby better balance and distance to other racers.

Acrobatic and chasing
The game emphasizes the balance factor thanks to the physical mechanism that it introduces, and the game will have a simple control mechanism to help players have the best experience with the game. Moreover, players not only know how to take advantage of the terrain to overcome other riders but also have to choose the motorbikes that best suit themselves. The game will introduce players to a variety of different terrain motorbikes that they can unlock through completing the challenge. Each one has its characteristics, thereby giving players many different experiences. Of course, they are not only diverse in shape, but their upgrade system will be dense for players to stick longer with each bike. The upgraded system helps the motorcycle to have better performance in crossing the terrain, as well as the ability to balance significantly increased, helping players reduce the occurrence of accidents during racing.

Discover new things in the Mad Skills Motocross series
Mad Skills Motocross 3 is a challenging game for players in balancing vehicles and making full use of the terrain. Moreover, the game also has extremely high entertainment when it allows players to participate in online multiplayer races to entertain with friends and the community. The game promises to bring players many different experiences, as well as many things to entertain in their spare time with its gameplay and features.

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