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Lords Mobile – IGG.COM famous throughout the world thanks to their tactical game. Players can quickly experience top-notch tactical games such as Castle Clash. With its slow-paced, but the hugely built-up gameplay, it attracts players with true tactical abilities. But it’s not too difficult for ordinary players to build their own kingdom. Lords Mobile, though boldly tactical but easy to control with cute graphics, has attracted over 100 million downloads on Google Play.

The global population of this gene has surpassed 190 million, so when it comes to it, the competition is pushed up extremely high. As such, it has been named the most competitive game of Google Play and the best game on the Android platform 2017. The whole world of Lords Mobile has been expanded to serve the curiosity of the great number of players.

Build your own empire

Because the game is massive in tactics, I’m going to show you how to join a battle first. Actually, to run a team is quite simple, but to make it effective and crush the enemy, it takes a long time to learn. Battle of the game will take place on a screen from the top down. Each army will be divided by half the map and separated by a gate. The multiplayer in the game is enhanced when you can battle many types of troops such as archers, cavalry, infantry, shield troops, etc.

Train your troops and fight
First, you will There are 6 types of formation available, just see the team Change the team, we have to change to make. Everything is based on the creativity of the self to make the opponent can not fight back. You can also see the main force of the opponent to prepare the spirit of fighting. In addition to the battles, you still have a vast kingdom to build and protect. In that kingdom, you will have to find a way to earn a lot of money to upgrade the buildings. Each building has its own functions, such as a military camp, a palace, a place to mine energy and a gold mine, etc. If your opponent chooses not to go online, he will hit the kingdom and rob to take the resources.

Train your troops before battles
Do not aggressive! Focus on training your troops. Along with that, you need to equip food so that they do not get hungry. Players should prioritize food production than to gold, wood, stone, oil. Constantly expand your territory so that you can find more resources. Investigate the enemy before starting a battle. That can help you know the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy to come up with reasonable strategies.

Join the community
With this type of game, players have to interact with other members. You can find good teammates at the “Guild”. Join them in battles and even help each other in building resources, training soldiers.

In a battle, you must not only build a strong and elite army but also summon powerful heroes. These people will have the task of leading the soldiers. They also have special skills of their own to attack the opponent. In the new version, the manufacturer focuses more on building a community for the game. The latest news posted to certain places for viewers can be easily updated. There are branches to upgrade power and equipment. Some wonders are opened so that players can challenge themselves.

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