Light a Way: Tap Tap Fairytale Free Download For Android

Light a Way: Tap Tap Fairytale – an adventure game with fantastic screen turns revolving around the world with light angels’ stories. Players will be transformed into angels of light to fight the dark demons. The game uses a new style of modern gameplay to attract players from the simplest things. The intelligence of the programmers is shown through game creation. If you want to find out the truth behind the game, let’s find out together, this is the game that you are worth playing and will have great moments while playing it.

The world is full of beauty with overwhelming light, flowers blooming under the beautiful sunlight. The people and angels of the beautiful world live happily together thanks to the source of light. Suddenly one day, the dark monsters came to the kingdom, robbing that beautiful light source. The angels of light are fighting those monsters relentlessly in order to regain some light for the world. Those monsters’ food is a stream of light; they absorb light to replenish their energy while making the world dark for them to control. It made the sky cloudy and not as beautiful as it used to be.

The player’s task is to transform into one of the beautiful angels to fight the dark demons in order to find the light source for the world. Together with warriors, my brothers fight them to regain the power of light in the past, which is now lost and is about to lose. Don’t worry because other light angels surround you, and there is the help of Staff of Flare – a magical minor character who is always your companion in all journeys, all arduous stages.

Graphics in Light a Way are gorgeous and modern standard. Petite light angels’ image is like an impressive feature that makes players feel excited by their cute and amusing features. The colors used in the game are also very diverse. The angels wear colorful dresses and dresses to represent their strangely likable features. The monsters put on their creepy black wings to signify barbarism. The images with elaborately depicted motifs give the player an accurate sense of the character’s soul.

The sound used in the game is vivacious, suitable for each situation where the sound is used very appropriately. There is a lot of amazing music used in the game, sometimes soft and cute, sometimes a bit scary, but overall, the combination of sound and visual of the game is above the great. Excellent, wholly united together creates a strange attraction.

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