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Coming to the game LifeAfter: Night Falls, you are definitely a player with a strong passion for the survival game genre. This game has been a special craze for all the world survival game fans with the fascinating things it brings. Along with the introduction of the publisher XD Global, this is an extremely attractive and interesting survival game combining shooting. You will be among the survivors of the horrible events of the world. And now, in your hand is a gun to be able to fight. Let’s see how long can you survive and survive? Along with that are many other interesting features that will be included in the game. Quickly download and experience a great game!

Get yourself a compelling storyline
Starting with this LifeAfter: Night falls, which players impress will surely be a storyline. The game developers have given themselves a perfect story to lead players to this game. One of the most terrible catastrophes in the world took place on this Earth – where has appeared a sweep of evil viruses. And the consequences they have caused in the human world are not small. All the orders and covenants in this world are turned upside down and almost torn away. Now, we humans are no longer ourselves after this fierce sweep. When you wake up, you are lucky that you are one of the lucky ones that survived and did not carry the evil virus. The first thing you think about right now is finding a way to escape right now so that you can hold onto the last lives. Then the night slowly falls, around you now is like hell when around it is full of infected people.

The last ray of hope left
Knowing that it would be difficult to accept that this might be the end of this world. And you are also the last human to bring you the mission to protect life on this Earth. But it seems that with the current situation, thinking about that would definitely be thinking about distant things. While you can not worry: legs are tired, body exhausted, hungry, even the gun is out of ammo, the winter cold is besieging … Luckily the rays of hope In the end it comes from having found yourself a safe place to recover your lost things. In your current flashbacks of a beautiful world, somewhere still lingers in the ear, screams of pain from the infected person. Your world is no longer what it used to be! Your to-do hour at LifeAfter is very calm to be able to survive to the end.

Finding what can help you survive right now is essential
To be able to survive in LifeAfter: Night falls and gets on with what everyone has hoped for you, you first need to worry. Try to find what is edible in this dangerous world. With all of your experience, life skills, and talent for hunting and gathering, now is the time to use them. Having food for yourself is paramount and you need to get it anywhere. Just have food like in: a university, a mine, or a dangerous forest, … Besides, you can certainly collect the necessary items for survival!

After you have given yourself the necessary items to fight off the disease, the next thing you need to do is seek life. When the sun just rises, it’s time to leave your safe area so you can fight and find the last remaining survivors. When you find these lucky people like you, congratulations! Because they and you will definitely be solid support for each other to overcome this difficult and miserable together. Let’s continue to survive together, survive by what you and others have sought.

Special adventures titled survival will continue to be written by you and your friends. And once you and the people you find are strong enough to do special things, do your best! The first will be to rebuild for mankind the first bricks for survival and the next generations. Survive the pandemic together with LifeAfter: Night Falls!

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