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Speaking of Kung Fu, perhaps the first person that people think of is the glamorous Bruce Lee image. He is a legendary martial arts star in world history and has never lost a battle. Not only a talented warrior, but he is also the owner of the famous dojo in America. Have you ever wished to become a skilled martial arts teacher like Bruce Lee and open a martial arts school to teach martial arts? You do not need to be a talented warrior or a hero like Bruce Lee because Kung Fu Clicker will help you overcome all these barriers. This game is a product of the publisher of PIKPOK, and this game will turn you into a skilled martial arts master immediately.

In this game, you are a great martial arts master and are opening a dojo martial arts school in Dojos. This dojo was passed down by their father, who was over 100 years old and most famous in the Dojos area. Therefore, other dojo has been jealous and have hired the Shadow gang to destroy your dojo. Now, you have to face them to protect the dojo and yourself. You will not have to fight alone because you have a lot of other students around.

Open the dojo and bring martial arts to the flourishing time
Start the game, you have a small dojo and have students studying. Your main task is to train their fighting skills and fight the advancing shadow gang. The first step you need to do is to build a dojo and educate the students well before the shadows come, and they will protect your dojo. Teach them karate and help them practice each day to increase their skills. Then upgrade the dojo, buy training tools and build bigger classrooms to improve the quality of your education, attract students to study, and earn more. When the bad guys come, the masters trained by you will attack them and protect the honor of the dojo!


Kung Fu Clicker MOD is a fascinating simulation game, is built on a compelling storyline and background graphics incredibly vivid comic. Characters are shaped with real expressions, and definitive actions when fighting enemies. The game is quite gentle, if you love kungfu and want to find a game for entertainment, then Kung Fu Clicker is a great choice.

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