KO Punch Free Download For Android

Sports game titles are always paid gamers attention. The accelerated production of this type of game meet the needs of players all over the world. Recently, Action.io has officially launched KO Punch – a boxing genre game that is popular with many people. Before that, Action.io has launched a product with a similar theme. But they look like to need a little bit more improvement and wants to focus on a new product. So, KO Punch proved their potential in just a short time. Come to this game; you will enjoy the legendary boxing hit.

Become a boxing star
Boxing is a simplistic martial art, because of this, players only need to perform 3 basic moves: straight punch, round punch, and up punch. However, simplicity does not come from the way in which it comes from winning. Players participating in KO Punch will be dueled with any opponent. Use basic attacks with swipe gestures on the screen to performing. Depending on how the opponent dealt, the hits from the player must be accurate to increase the damage. But these movements can be entirely mitigated by defensive skills. Your punches are easily avoided when the opponent dodges at a fast pace. To defend the round hit just use two hands close to the head not to be impacted directly on the critical spot, …

Boxing possesses a rather violent nature. Often, attacks are targeted primarily at the head. Sometimes it is the other parts, but it only reduces the opponent’s head defenses. When the opponent is defeated, he can not stand up anymore to end the game. But with KO Punch, victory will come to you when the average of the three rounds is higher. The turn will be limited time, the quick to make quick and accurate hit decisions most of your victory. If your skill output is not mature, the training mode will assist you with this. Upgrade, unlock more gloves and practice, players will have stronger hits.

True 3D graphic
KO Punch is in style 3D graphics, help simulate a boxing match in its entirety. The battle room is quite large, equipped with the surround sound of a really easy arena for you to immerse yourself in the addiction to kick. Action.io has invested quite a bit in the effects, so smooth and flexible. The sharpness of the image is not controversial. The details are bright, full, help you monitor the status of the best character. Because of the use of gestures to control the character, the combat space is quite minimalist so that you can concentrate on boxing.

Having a fun playing style from boxing, KO Punch will give players a real duel. Because the graphics are not too picky and the good of Action.io, you easily own KO Punch without hesitation about its size. This game is free on the App Store, so download and experience.

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