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The Knives Out is the official international name of the Wilderness Region – a mobile game with the same gameplay as PUBG, released by NetEase that has “knocked down” Tencent’s the Honor of Kings. As we reported earlier, Honor of Kings a huge brand and reputation of Tencent recently lost the Top 1 position in the App Store China in the hand of new mobile game is identical to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG Mobile), called Wilderness.

After more than a week since the time of the subversion the No. 1 of the Honor of Kings, NetEase immediately released the English language version with the international name of this game: Knives Out. This is a very understandable activity by NetEase when its game is very popular and enjoyed by the gamer community. As introduced, the Knives Out gameplay is identical to PUBG, which allows 100 paratroopers to land on an island. At the point indicated when the player landed, the next thing to do is to quickly collect items for survival, such as weapons, armour, mines or ammunition before the others fight. until die.

The game will start when there are enough people (90-100) scattered throughout the battlefield size 6.4m * 6.4m. From the landing point, try to move to find weapons and fight to reach the final goal. You will discover that the map is built with all sorts of terrain features such as islands in the middle of the ocean, snow mountains, steppes, etc., and at the same time create the perfect camouflage. Shoot the enemy. It sounds a little sneaky, but this is a tip you need to know if you want to get the chance to win the final. In addition to starting the game with the standalone mode, you can also fight with “teammates” in Duo Mode, Squad Mode and Fireteam Mode. And the victory will be for the party if the last survivor is a member of that group. Quite interesting? Think about team building and team-up to defeat all enemies. Just remember, try to survive at all costs. Survived and became the last survivor

Features, characteristics
Knives Out is an online game that has the same strategy as the Battlegrounds. The game’s in-game design includes a virtual cross pad that adjusts the character position on the left; and a button to perform actions such as shooting, bouncing, and jumping on the right. When you cross a car passage or a weapon or door, the position you just past will be marked in the top left corner of the map and you can zoom in on it to better understand where you are. Using

And not out of mind, Knives Out is also heavily influenced by Players Unknown Battlegrounds like countless other Battle Royale-inspired games. However, you should still try Knives Out, and consider it as a variant, for example; it’s all right, you will be more aware of an idea that is so popular.

Graphics and sound
In terms of visuals, Knives Out has a lot of realistic 3D graphics, character designs, buildings, trees, or explosive effects, all of which are no match for PC games. In addition, other small but influential effects on gameplay are also added to the developer’s smoothness, such as the jarring of guns, wind, the angle of view, etc… Knives Out has a maximum area of 4 × 4 km, allowing up to 100 players to participate in a battle in both single and four-person battles. That makes a game with gun shooting and survival like Knives mobile game that is more attractive and dramatic. And the sound is not much difference, as well as the description of the character’s actions in the game only. Anyway, let yourself feel better about Knives Out.

Another highlight that Knives Out inherited from PUBG system of moving vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, boats, … so that players can use to quickly reach the safe area or simple is out of sight of the opponents. In short, with the official international name and the integration of English, Chinese and Japanese languages, Knives Out has taken a solid step on the road to becoming a survival game. Most of Mobile now.

Sum up
Knives Out of NetEase Games from China deserves an online game you should try to get more insight as well as a sense of comparison between games that share ideas from Battle Royale. With a good idea, using a lively sound image, you can not wait to try the Knives Out experience.

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