King of Hunter Free Download For Android

If you are a survival gamer, you probably have at least experienced Rules of Survival – VNG or Survivor Royale from NetEase Games publisher. This game has become a hit point, impressed by the graphical design kung-fu with the extremely attractive game from the first time. With more than 10 million views, NetEase Games is now a popular brand in the entertainment industry, and players are eagerly awaiting the next product. Moreover, King of Hunter was born, this is a MOBA game with a survival factor, this game is expected to be one of the hottest products in 2018.

Face to face with life and death!
Similar to other MOBA games like League Of Legends, in this game players need to develop their character and participate in fierce battles. The characters are divided into different classes: archers, swordsmen, mages, executioners, … each character line possesses specific skills and uses various weapons to fight.

Survival combined with MOBA?
Each character lineup has its own advantages, such as the archer’s ability to hit far, has the advantage of speed hit, while the swordsman hit at close range, but dominant in strength. .. create diversity for players to develop. In addition, the character is also equipped with additional items such as clothing, shoes, gloves, weapons, … Players can search for raw materials and gold when completing tasks or take Join in-game events to upgrade. The stats of the equipment will increase, making the character become stronger.

In addition to the regular MOBA gameplay mode, King Of Hunters also has a survival mode, which means that players will join a battlefield where no teammates are present. In this place, the player can show all his strength and combat experience to destroy as many players as possible. This mode takes place in a particular time, the survivors to the end and the highest score will win. However, this mode attracts many talented players in the world, work hard and accumulate experience to become a great player offline!

King of Hunter MOD takes the player into the mysterious battlefield, where the player demonstrates his realm as a true hunter. Not only the new gameplay, 2.5 D graphics that NetEase Games design is also wonderful. The neat interface, combined with top-down viewing angles, allows gamers to see the whole of the gloomy NetEase scene. Download and participate in this mysterious world!


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