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The title of the tree theme is not something new on the market before we had farm games to play. Even if you ignore the farm game, many players must know the game Plants vs. Zombies – where trees fight to protect people. Plants are the things that give us so many different benefits to help us survive. They bring oxygen, food, medicine and many other things to support people. But there is one game that will change your mind about plants, which is Juicy Realm – a shooting game. If you are too bored with the familiar styles then come to the game to experience the difference of this game.

Fight with plants
If the player is too familiar with the good things that plants bring like fighting zombies to protect humans, this time will be the opposite. In the game’s world, for some reason plants were able to grow their hands and feet to eat other animals. There are many who say that due to a failed human experiment but still no one knows what the real reason is. They have truly become a living creature and began hunting humans to take their place on the food chain. But humans never gave up, they fought to destroy plants.

Diverse characters

When starting the game, the player will need to choose for themselves a character to be able to play the game. The game will give players four different choices for players to decide who will be the best. Each character has a different power and HP, and the weapons to learn to use will also be different. There are people who use brave melee weapons to fight, some people will use guns to fight. The character’s stats will also vary as to if the player chooses a gun, it will lower the blood and the damage will not be too high. But if the player chooses to use melee weapons to play the game, the stats will be superior. Because if you use a gun, the player does not need to approach the enemy, so it will not be too dangerous, but if using melee weapons, you must come close to attack.

Simple but not easy
The player’s task needs to be very simple, which is to destroy all the plants in the stages to get to the next stage. But this journey will not be simple, when the player kills all the monsters, they will have to fight bosses to reach the new stage. This will continue for many different stages until the player reaches the position of the last boss to destroy it. When the player does that, the player will complete the game and will receive a certificate for that.

Diverse weapons
Weapons that the game has for players to use for combat is also very diverse, from melee weapons to guns. If players want to use melee weapons, they can use things like the light of Star Wars movies, porridge of PUBG game. As for the long-range weapons, the player has a lot of unique things, besides the normal gun, the game also has a Steam gun, keyboard.

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