Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival Free Download For Android

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Into the Dead is certainly a name that is not unfamiliar to those who are crazy about zombie survival action games. It has caused a lot of gamers around the world to be feverish because of the combination of shooting and survival, creating an extremely attractive 3D survival game. And to continue that success, the publisher PIKPOK has continued to develop the second part Into the Dead 2 in this popular series. Still owns the same gameplay as the previous version, with the setting taking place when the world is threatened by the zombie pandemic and you are one of the only survivors. With the weapons available in you, you must take advantage of them and cross dangerous roads to destroy the zombies. It must be said that the return of this post will certainly be a long step in the history of PIKPOK.

The thrilling storyline takes players to a dark world
Into the Dead 2 will take us into a world where strange plagues have turned so many people into scary zombies. They always find ways to attack and eat survivors. At this time, the main character is the guy James who is on his way to find his wife Halen, who is trapped in the area surrounded by many zombies. One night on the way home, James’s truck hits a zombie, causing him to lose control, his car capsized and James is surrounded by zombies. Although he was stunned, his strong belief and desire to return helped him get up. Players will be playing the role of James and help him on his journey to reunite with his family. Will he survive to find them? The answers are waiting for you.

The unique change in the gameplay
Into the Dead 2 has a variety of gameplay and is extremely new. comparable. In the game, you just need to try to run as much as possible to be able to move to the safe areas and prepare for your next journey. There will be specific distances that you need to go through in order to complete the level. And when you complete that journey, you will also be given a piece of the storyline to find your family.

And of course, the journey is not easy at all. There will be lots of undead walking on the road and they can also suddenly rush towards you or spit poison … in order to defeat and eat you. Try to be as agile as possible to dodge, swing, swing, and pass them as fast as the wind so you can live safely. You can also make the most of the weapons and ammunition picked up on the way to be able to destroy the too-aggressive zombies and make your journey easier.

Fully upgraded weapons
In Into the Dead 2, there will be many different weapons that you can unlock such as guns, explosive grenades, … you can own them through the work. Find pieces to craft them or you can buy them directly in the store. After owning you can find more puzzle pieces to be able to upgrade, increase their strength. In the game screen, your weapon will have very little ammo, the upgrade will improve this. In addition, you can equip your guns with special abilities, which help them increase the amount of ammunition initially and picked up in the barrel. Besides, you are also equipped with a dagger to escape death if accidentally captured by a zombie.

The overcast scene makes the player scared
The scenes on your way are designed to be extremely realistic as well as extremely vivid. With many different landscapes, you will be able to see wilderness fields, pine hills, forests, farms, cities. Or explore oilfields and military bases to barracks. Everything around is quiet and desolate, not a shadow, only zombies walking slowly on the road. All blend together to create a feeling of melancholy and ruin that disaster has caused to the life.

The novelty of the game
Coming to Into the Dead 2 will have many different game modes such as story mode, story side story, daily carnage, and also event mode. You can experience competing with other players or destroy the zombies by yourself to bring attractive rewards. There’s also a companion dog system, where you can collect pictures of dogs and, when enough, you can own them. These dogs will give you a lot of special help in killing zombies. And a special mission system that when you complete it, you will unlock extremely attractive gifts.

Sound and graphics
The sound of the game is mysterious, mysterious with a quiet space but mixed with growls, screams as well as characters breathing. Graphics are in gloomy, horror colors. The types of zombies are designed extremely meticulous and creepy. The landscape is extremely diverse with many different landscapes, sequentially and alternately, giving players the feeling of really going through a very long way. Actually Into the Dead 2 gives players a real experience like being truly alive in the zombie era. If you love this game genre then please experience the interesting things from this game.

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