Icarus M (Netmarble Game)Free Download For Android

Pictures produced base on the latest Unreal Engine 4 technology, the awesome Icarus M of the big brother Netmarble from Korea promises to show off the best of the original of PC to the mobile screen. Following the success of Lineage II: Revolution, Netmarble is preparing to bring to the annual G-Star 2017 event a blockbuster MMORPG with extremely graphic for mobile called Icarus M. Developed by WeMade Entertainment, Icarus M was first revealed early last year when it began recruiting personnel for the project.

Icarus M APK is a mobile-specific version of the MMORPG PC role-playing game which full name is Riders of Icarus. However, what is unique about this game is that it is powered by the latest Unreal Engine 4 graphics technology, which makes the game have an impressive 3D graphics. It can be said to be the best from now on if compared to others mobile games. All images and characters have a smooth motion. Therefore, the graphics of the mobile is more than the evaluation of the original.

Icarus M Mod APK also has a fairly simple gameplay like his predecessor on PCs. It is that the player must fight and defeat giant ugly monsters or domesticate creatures that only in the fairy tale such as Dragon, Unicorn, winged horses, and you can ride them that fly around the election. It sounds like “How to train your dragon”? When the player is able to tame these legendary creatures, they will become a powerful adjutant to you or more accurately a close friend who fights with you at all times. From there you can do difficult tasks much easier, and eventually, reach for further goals, engage in intangible PvP battles from the sky to the ground, face up to Giant bosses have unparalleled strength …

The battle or action in the Icarus M will be much more elaborate to fit on the mobile platform. Of course the game is not easy with the old role-playing, instead, the game will have 5 classes and each character has its own special power to choose (quite similar to the other MOBA games). Icarus M has 3 basic skills to attack, defend or heal and the character’s combo moves are based on the player’s arrangement.

Due to the original appearance on the PC, Icarus M on the mobile will also inherit the unique features, such as the Combat Sky. If you do not know, this is one of the most entertaining Icarus players, you’ll be riding on the back of the beasts and flying in the sky fighting the enemy. It is a game produced by Asia but exploits the story of Western mythology, so all the scenery in the game is gloomy with dark colors.


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