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The brave and skilled warriors are always the hot topics that get the attention of the game developers because of their persistent fighting skills and high skills. Xiji Game after the successful launch of two versions of I Am Archer, and I Am Wizard, has continued to release new and better versions including I Am Warrior. The game promises to bring the latest features and experiences to the users.

Interesting gameplay
Each game will have a lot of soldiers involved, and in particular, each side has 17 soldiers with weapons to carry. Jumping, rolling, destroying, interrupting, and attacking enemies are the main tasks you must do while fighting or running away. This will allow you to be active in cases where there are too many enemies appearing, but you do not have enough forces or are critical of the battle to attack whichever opponent first to finish the fight.

Destroy everything ahead
Destroy the sculptures that the rivals make with their beliefs. Destroying these monsters is like killing all enemies to win. So wherever you encounter an obstacle, you must destroy it. Our opponents are divided into two teams, one red and the other blue. The combat strength of each soldier is shown on it so that the player observes the attacking ability and decreases the power of both his and his opponents. Then there are the right choices and suitable to deal with the enemy.

Feature and graphic design
Compared to previous versions, the capacity of this game will be lower, but all essential functions will still ensure, the regular network connection for dynamic updates, help characters as well as weapons. New will be available in I Am Warrior for convenient use. Enhancing the fighting ability of the protagonist and other characters in the battle, the opponent will also be upgraded continuously to adapt to the fight. Increasing power will make the game more aggressive. It is also challenging to win. Excellently completing the missions will be a big step forward opening up new weapons and sub characters for the next battle.

There are more than ten types of greatsword skills waiting for you to unlock and of course, they are mighty, try to open the lock as soon as possible. If you let your enemies have newer weapons and skills, you will be less likely to get over them. You can get diamonds; they can have a lot or very little depending on the battle you win or lose. Characters are sketched in chibi style, colourful game graphics and lively sounds to add to the drama and inspire the player.

Sum up
You will be the heroes of the I Am Warrior, taking part in battles, demonstrating they’re superior strategic ability to plunder the big. Complete all missions and create yourself a collection of diamonds. I Am Warrior is available on the google play store. Join the game right now to become a real warrior now.

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