Hopeless: The Dark Cave Free Download For Android

To satisfy the increasing entertainment needs of the players, manufacturers always have to explore and research to create exciting games to help players relieve stress. There are many types of games released, such as action, humor, quiz, animation, racing, … But which, action games are the genre of games that are loved and appreciated by many people—unique content as well as gameplay. Yes, action games help players relax more than smart puzzle games, which require players to think a lot. Hopeless: The Dark Cave is an action game inspired by horror and cuteness. This is an endless survival game of cute yellow light spots trapped in the dark, and around them are hairy monsters that scare them to pick. Join the game and help the light spots escape from that dungeon.

In the action game genre, there are also many different types of games. Such as action game fighting, theft, action role-playing or adventure, … But Hopeless is an action game to kill monsters fascinating and has its own differences. This game is like a unique movie about survival horror with extremely evil monsters. This game will make you nervous and startled by the sudden appearance of those scary monsters.

In that darkness, a group of bright spots gathered, watched, and waited for the shadows to move closer to kill them. This game is simply using your finger to touch the screen to shoot lightly; when shooting monsters, the player will get the corresponding bonus points, and the main purpose of the player in this game is to win as many points as possible. Other bright spots can enter rescue and protect their friends and assassinate furry monster enemies as they come out of the dark to attack you.

The gameplay of the game sounds easy, but it’s really not that easy at all. As soon as everything starts, the bright spots and monsters can easily fuse into a chaotic riot at a dizzying pace, and distinguishing between the enemy. You become difficult, and you will have to decide on his shot action quickly and suddenly. Please rely on the eye’s ability to detect eye movements and the brain’s ability to make quick decisions to determine whether it is an enemy or a friend.

Maybe you will shoot your friends because they are not well defined. You will shoot enemies quickly in terms of playability because sometimes there will be many enemies, and you must not miss any names. You can make in-app purchases, so you can have many great ways to help you play the game for the longest time without any barriers or obstacles. In addition, you can unlock power-boosting gifts within the first hour of the game to be stronger.

If you shoot a monster, you will earn 300 points, and you can get a friend to join the fight with you, helping you to shoot those evil monsters. The maximum number of speckled friends you can have is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen, and when you reach that maximum number of friends, the monsters will disappear from the screen, and you will receive get a bag of beautiful bonus points.

As you play this game, as long and as you progress, you can add more bright spots to your circles, and this will give you a chance to stop the attack of the taller monsters. Your friends will always be around you to protect you and help you kill those monsters. Although killing monsters is quite easy, it will be challenging as they rush into you every inch quickly and continuously, causing you and your teammates to fail in time. And it can become complicated when all the hordes of monsters spill out from all corners of the screen.

After shooting down a monster, you will receive 100 or 300 bonus points from the game. Depending on how many points you accumulate, you will receive powers of different power types such as blobs to expand your circle of light or a new gun with a higher level to destroy monsters. You will progress gradually through each level or will not be patient enough to fight the enemy; you can purchase advanced items as an in-app purchase.

Besides that, you can also buy a bunch of emergency blobs to help out if you see your enemies outnumber you and attack you too hard. Since Hopeless is an endless survival game, you need to be careful not to be eaten by those monsters. If you die, then the game will start over, but all your unlocked powers remain.

This is a thrilling but charming survival shooter game, especially and helps players increase their reflexes. Rescue as many bright spots and destroy many monsters, you will get more bonus points, and monsters will be difficult to defeat.

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