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About Westland Survival
Westland Survival is a Westland-style survival role-playing game by Helio Games. Many people say that this is considered a clone version of Last Day On Earth because the two games have similar gameplay. The difference is that this game has a Western America context, so it has bright colors and not horror like LDOE. If you love cowboy themes, love riding around in the West and solving everything with a gun, great, this is the game for you.

The storyline

The West is an ideal land for criminals, bounty hunters, smugglers, and even murderers. Why are these outlaw people being so free? Laws in the West are things that these criminals implicit convention. Even the police can sell a decent person in exchange for a handful of dollars.

There is no right and wrong, here only the weak and the strong. To survive in the West, you need to learn how to fight and protect yourself. Your character is a trader. When passing through this land, the carriage was attacked by a bandit, causing the entire people to die, leaving only you alive. Now, revenge is the only thing that motivates you. Find the guys behind this and give them to the gallows, or you can solve them quickly with a gun.

Learn how to survive

The robbers took away all of you, your property, your friends, your weapons, … Now you only have two empty hands in the middle of a desert – a strange and dangerous land. The most important thing now to keep you alive is food and water. You have to start collecting the few remaining items and some items can be used. Fabricate some tools from stone and wood, then use it to exploit, hunt and manufacture.

When night falls, the dangers appear. At this time, a house is not a bad solution. Collect wood and stone, you can build a small house enough to keep you safe from dangers lurking. They can be a bandit or hunting animals at night.

Trading with native people
If you have too many unnecessary items, you can sell it to the natives in exchange for some money or exchange for the items you want.

Watch out for hazards


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