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Zombies are a disaster in fiction films, often seen in Hollywood films and European stories such as The Walking Dead or The World War Z. This topic is loved by publishers, help players experience this disaster in the most authentic way.

Prey Day: Survival is a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by the publisher Pragmatix. The game is a perfect combination of survival game, strategy game, shooting game, action, and interaction with other players, where you have to make every effort to be the survivor. Live or become a zombie? What do you choose when playing this game?

The story

In 2033, a global outbreak of disease killed half of the world’s population. A virus called Deadly Plague has been spreading rapidly. Humans have no medicine for this disease. The infected people will die, but in fact, they do not die completely but become immortal zombies, continue to look for healthy hosts to eat and spread the disease. The world is extremely chaotic and is losing hope. Not just zombies, others are willing to stab you at any time. Now is the time for you to find weapons to join the resistance forces and join the fight against zombies. Remember: do not tolerance, do not believe anyone!

Fight for survival
The main task of the player in Prey Day: Survival is to find a way to survive. Hunger and thirst are also important issues that you must not ignore, you must always keep in balance the amount of food and water needed. There are plenty of food, water, and other necessities in the city, you need to find them before others if you want to survive. From some basic resources, the game allows you to build them into weapons or essential items for your journey. You can even build a solid base to protect yourself from outside hazards.

Of course! You can not live alone forever in this life. Take part in forces or groups to increase your chance of surviving zombies everywhere. They have occupied buildings, towns, hotels, supermarkets, and large streets, so there are no safe places. The more people you have, the stronger you are and the more you can fight against the zombies. You can chat and exchange items with other players. But be wary. Not every player has good intentions. Some players can kill you to steal the weapon you own.

Explore new lands
Prey Day: Survival is an open game where you are free to move anywhere in the city. Explore shopping centers, hospitals, schools and convenience stores. The world in the game was destroyed after the Zombies disaster, so the scene looked ruined, desolate and bloody. However, good graphics diminished its horror. You can see corpses everywhere in the city. Top-down viewing angles help you look around, avoiding ambushes by zombies. In a horror game, the sound is an important factor. It made the game more dramatic, many situations startled players when a zombie suddenly appeared from the dark.



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