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Introduce about Camp Defense
Zombie war has never been so extreme and exciting!

The familiar yet so funny zombie scene
Camp Defense is about a group of people who are lucky to survive a terrible pandemic. The only mission of the group is to fight together to protect their camp from the zombies ahead.

If you have a special interest in the zombie theme and want to play a game like Plants vs Zombies faster and more crazily, you should download Camp Defense to play right away. Why? Because when it comes to a zombie tower defense game, no game currently can beat this one.

What should you do?
In Camp Defense, you control a team of skilled soldiers, sitting on trucks and fighting zombies. Later on, you can get more new soldiers depending on your accumulated points and the difficulty of the levels. But no matter how many of them, the common point is that you can upgrade them separately through the game rounds (depending on the number of zombies that person shoots) and each person holds a different weapon. Actually, the bullets fired are in the same way.

However, making everything so neat and detailed so that it is full of humor like this has brought players a very interesting sense of contradiction. You are witnessing an ordinary guy trying to make a cold, serious face but in fact, he is a belly of salt. Whatever he says can make you laugh aloud. Is he more interesting than a person who is funny from the outside to the inside?

Of course, it’s never as easy as levels 1, 2, 3 that you just went through. Later on, the zombies appeared more densely with skilled skills, new weapons, and much faster speed. In return, upgrading the warriors, improving weapon strength and summoning life cycles, and even upgrading the quality of trucks… will help you regain your balance quickly.

What about the rewards?
There are 4 factors for you to consider and be cautious about in every battle: Truck, Unit, Modules, and Towers. When one of these four is exhausted, you are considered a loser. Conversely, victory will be determined if you shoot all the enemies in a scene. When you shoot the zombies, you will get points. Depending on the type of zombie who is strong or weak, difficult to fight or not, the score will be more or less accordingly. Most of the points gained from fighting zombies will be used to:

Increase Gold for Enemy kill
Increase Experience for Enemy kill
Increase Truck Strength
Increase Health of Summoned Units
Increase Lifespan of Summoned Units
Lower the Time necessary for to reload Active abilities
Increase Critical Hit damage
You see what? There are many things for you to enhance during the gameplay, right? Imagine if all these points were increased to the climax, and all the soldiers were leveled up to the climax too, how exciting the game would be?

The game has more than 1000 levels for you to freely roam around in the zombie world, in an extremely playful style. The first 10 levels passed a bit monotonously with familiar scenes, trucks, and warriors. But until the 11th scene, you will see a Battle Map with so many different areas, scenes, and situations. From now on, you are on a higher level, do whatever is the craziest, shoot continuously without being afraid of running out of ammo!

Visuals and sounds
Camp Defense’s witty cartoon style will make you forget you’re entering a game about zombies and endless wars. You will not be able to keep yourself from laughing when you witness a group of zombies jumping around like a bunch of ghosts, with a very characteristic wide-mouthed and swishing motion. They look like puppets, so funny.

As for the soldiers, each has a unique look, some are smooth, some are bearded… but all are small, dwarf, square, have square faces that are so tense and stupid when they fight. I must admit that there has never been a zombie battle that entertains such laughter.


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