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Currently, there are many business simulation games like Idle Miner Tycoon. But, if you are bored with mining, try the new things in Junkyard Tycoon (MOD Unlimited Money/VIP), a business simulation game by Lana Cristina.

Table of contents
Introduce about Junkyard Tycoon
Open your company
Junkyard Tycoon is a simulation game that gives you the opportunity to become an entrepreneur in the cars business. The first step in the process of building a large company, you need to create a new company through the guidance of the system and start operating.

Most of your profits come from buying old products and then selling them at a higher price. People who want to sell will automatically find the company, bring the item and wait a while for you to decide whether to buy or not.

At the time of starting a business, your capital is quite small. You should buy a lot of old cars to make a profit, although you have to spend quite a lot of time and effort to dismantle the parts, process them and sell them to Garage owners to assemble cars in exchange for 100,000 money units. But sometimes a good opportunity comes, you can make a profit of tens of millions with a car whose engine is still good.

Ways to make a profit
Just like in reality, you first need to buy a car in the scrap area. Then move them to the parking area. If the area for separating or repairing vehicle parts is empty, you need to put them in for disposal. Upon completion, you will receive a complete vehicle (if possible repairs) or individual parts. For salable items, move them to the warehouse. As for the chassis, it is necessary to put them in the scrap mill.

If you don’t want to receive dollars, you can sell them in exchange for money at Vehicle Part Stockroom. The transaction process and the way customers pay is similar to the Warehouse.

A few things to keep in mind
There is quite a lot of concern in the process of dismantling cars to get their parts. That vehicle may have been owned by a murderer or criminal, so they will contain bombs or weapons. Meanwhile, on the screen appears two arrows continuously moving back and forth on a slider. If you put two arrows in the green area, they cannot be sold. If placed in the red area, even SWAT forces find and capture. They can only be collected and sold when one of the arrows slides outside.

Grow your company
Although it was called a company, at the beginning of the game it looked like a scrap collection area. Rough and very narrow working areas. You only have one level-0 parking space, a vehicle removal/repair area and small storage areas. It is really shabby.

But after the hard work, you will have money and you need to improve them. Expand the parking area, upgrade the slot (slot) to place the big cars that require level 2 or 3 stars. Build separation and repair workshops to make the process faster. Upgrade the warehouse to accommodate more items or upgrade the Baler Machine to increase storage space and processing speed. You need to upgrade and expand your company if you want it to grow.

Waiting too long!
This is an issue that you will encounter when joining Junkyard Tycoon. Every time you buy or skip a vehicle, you’ll have to wait to receive the next order. Don’t let downtime, because that time you can make a lot of money.

If you buy a good item, there will be other merchants offering to buy back in dollars. If you feel that the price is right, you can sell them and buy a new car.

Ordering a new car is also a good idea. They will be shipped to your company immediately. However, the Order consumes diamonds – the advanced currency in this game.

There is also one more solution, which is to use the VIP package provided by the developer. Waiting time for the next vehicle will be reduced. You will have many new options with attractive profit levels.

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