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Introduce about Hell’s Cooking
You will get the most cooking experience in this cooking simulator.

Who will Hell’s Cooking be for?
You do not need to be a culinary expert or a true chef, but just have a passion for food, cooking, or simply doing business in the field of F&B, you can experience hours with this game. With Hell’s Cooking, you can both cultivate your spirit of entrepreneurship, and experience interesting hours full of experience in the culinary field, which you may need to know in the future.

The game has a short start. You will be the owner of a famous pancake shop in the town. Your shop attracts quite many customers with the simple but delicious cake menu and typical flavors. Customers who come to enjoy will pay money and sometimes small gifts instead of thanking the owner of the bakery. The profit you get will be used to invest in expanding the bakery, diversifying the menu, and updating equipment. Your kitchen is always on fire, and there are many baking tools, dozens of accessories, and different details to add floral flavor to each cake. The more diverse the menu, the more organized the tables and chairs, the larger the space, the more money can be collected from guests. But remember that you need to always keep your cake best, from quality to waiting time.

Directly working as the main chef of not one but many restaurants
The game has baking operations that are simple to understand and create a lot of excitement for players. The fact that colorful materials are displayed in front of your eyes to freely create new dishes for your menu is also an interesting stage attracting players, especially children.

Once the bakery has expanded to its fullest extent with substantial and steady profits, it’s time to think of a new business direction to capitalize on market niches. You will start opening a burger shop called Burger Queen. Your reputation with the chef’s ingenuity has resonated in the region. The scale and organization of the burger shop are a little different from the original bakery, but the rule remains unchanged: make customers satisfied with delicious cakes, beautiful scenery, and comfortable seating. Do these three things, you will continue to receive trust and lots of money from customers.

It’s time to think about a completely different direction in food. You already have cakes, fast food. Now it should be the time to invest in a Chinese restaurant that specializes in selling Peking Duck, for example. You begin to have a new plan for building a new restaurant with a new attractive menu in a field you have absolutely no experience in before. What you have now is just a passion for food. Building a larger-scale restaurant full of delicacies and ideal infrastructure without any experience looks like a big risk. You need to collect all the profits you have, consider spending a large part of it to maintain and develop further for the two existing bakeries, spending one part for backing up difficult situations, the rest is for the Chinese restaurant that is about to open. Remember everything always needs backup and prevention.

After successfully opening a Chinese restaurant, you can look at the culinary model and its profitability and decide whether to expand the business or just stay still. The business forms that can be thought of are Ice Cream Cars near schools, Beverages on the beach, Hawaiian-style restaurants …

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