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Get ready! Download WitchSpring4 APK and you will become the ultimate witch in the colorful magical world.

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About WitchSpring4
WitchSpring4 is a sequel to the WitchSpring series – a turn-based RPG game by Kiwiwalks. This series has very much loved by the plot and graphics are extremely unique. In part 4, you will be involved in an interesting adventure in Urphean, the world of witch.

If you don’t know, Kiwiwalks is a game developer for mobile devices and tablets, based in Korea. Their game achieved millions of downloads around the world. What’s new in the fourth installment of the WitchSpring series? Let find out in the article below.

The plot of WitchSpring4 has more depth than the previous sections. Many players rated this game as the best content game. The player will play as Moccamori queen, a witch who rules over Urphean. Moccamori along with her servants conquering all the magical cities in the world of Urphean. She must have enough power to face the royal enemies. Their goal is to rule the witch world.

In this part, the plot will be longer and contain more mysteries for players to discover. In addition, a large map and the amount of time each day will increase so you can explore more in a day. Therefore, your energy will be more than the previous parts.

The gameplay of WitchSpring4 does not have too many changes compared to the previous parts. Because this gameplay is one of the factors that help the game attract millions of players around the globe. If you do not know, the gameplay is quite simple. This is a turn-based fighting game, each turn you will choose the move your character such as attacking, defence, using skills, … With this simple gameplay, you can completely adapt quickly, even if you’re a newbie.

Become the strongest witch
The queen’s path is full of dangers. You will discover the vast world as you incarnate into the little queen and his servants on the path to conquering the world. Not only that, but she also has a dream of becoming the greatest witch. And none other than you who will help her realize the big unfinished dream. You will help her learn magic, practice, etc so she can become stronger.

WitchSpring4, as well as the previous parts, allow you to perform activities with the character to increase strength. On your adventure, you can collect materials to create new magic and medicine. Not only that, every day you can control the character exercising, sleeping, eating, … All this you can do in the royal room of the queen, a large room with full facilities.

In addition, you can also learn many kinds of magic in a room full of magic books. Your valet will also help you in perfecting your magic and learning new magic skills. On the adventure, you will face many other talented witches. Work hard to fulfill your dreams and rule the world.

WitchSpring4’s graphics are upgraded a lot when compared to the previous parts. In this fourth part, the graphics are high rated although it is using Unity graphics only. Besides, the music is also more carefully invested with more music tracks to inspire you in your journey.

How to install WitchSpring4 APK
WitchSpring4 is a paid game, so you can’t install it for free. By downloading WitchSpring4 APK – The paid version by APKMODY to your phone, you can comfortably play this game without worrying about anything.

Please follow these steps to install this game.

Step 1: Download the entire APK + OBB of WitchSpring4 to your device.
Step 2: Unzip the OBB file com.kiwiwalks.witchspring4.zip
Step 3: After extracting, you will get the com.kiwiwalks.witchspring4 folder inside containing main. *. com.kiwiwalks.witchspring4.obb.
Step 4: Copy or move the com.kiwiwalks.witchspring4 folder to the Android/obb path on the phone.
Step 5: Install the APK file
Then you can enjoy your game!

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