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Introduce about Trials of Mana
The simplicity and subtlety will live forever

The story
Trials of Mana is the story of a world engulfed in darkness. The goddess Mana used her Mana Sword to slay eight Benevodons. Those eight monsters symbolized darkness and destruction. They were sealed by the Mana Swords and pushed inside the eight Mana Stones. After that, the kingdom escaped destruction and gradually revived.

But the fierce battle for survival with evil for a long time caused Goddess Mana to lose too much energy. After sealing the monsters, Goddess Mana turned into a tree and slept for many years. Time gradually passed. When the Mana tree was still sleeping under a peaceful world after all these events, once again, evil has gradually risen from deep within the kingdom and from human’s evil thoughts. It helped release the Benevodons that were lying dormant in the Mana Stones. Until one day, when enough dark energy accumulated, the eight Benevodons awakened. They broke the sealing of Mana Stones, flew around, and sought to take over the world as they did in the past.

In this game, you will choose three of the six main characters to play. Six characters have different backgrounds, personalities. Countless twists of fate linked them together to become companions, fighting together against the Benevodons and awakening the Mana tree slowly dying away as evil rises.

Almost everything from the gameplay, content development, and plot ideas in the mobile version of Trials of Mana is the same as the original PC version, only the combat mechanism is slightly different to suit the mobile.

As mentioned, you will play as one of the 3 characters you have chosen, the other two will automatically play on their own like in the original game. In addition, the mobile version also adds many other automatic mechanisms: auto-aiming, automatic camera, and auto-battle to bring the most convenience and comfort to the players on mobile.

The characters in Trials of Mana all have two attacks: normal and special. You can combine both to have different sets of moves to fight each type of enemy. Each time you use such an attack combo, you will obtain Class Strike glass samples that will be shown on a bar. When the Class Strike bar is full, you can use one of the character’s great new moves.

Defeating enemies also gives you accumulated points, which can be used to unlock new spells or skills. There are some special abilities called Chain Ability. These are passive skills that any member can use. For me, the bravest technique rarely built in the characters in RPG is the ability to dodge. Thanks to this ‘dodge and hide move’, the player can heal, as well as avoid the enemy’s malicious attacks.

You can also optionally switch the character to Dark or Light, to unlock different skills and effects or change the character’s appearance. In the mobile version, you can unlock up to four classes of characters. However, the number of skill sets is huge, up to more than 300 sets, freely for you to choose and switch during the battle.

The design of the character line in two directions Dark & ​​Light has a specific purpose: each person always has a good and a bad part in them, choosing to follow which direction will determine their end. If you can choose the right pair (the two related to each other in terms of fate), you will still see many interesting things in the plot later. Those pairs of characters include Duran and Angela, Hawkeye and Riesz, Kevin and Charlotte.

Flexible character-switch mechanism
Trials of Mana fans have confessed that once they played, they could not stop. Why? It is not only because of the free changing between the three characters or the skill upgrading mechanism. It is because of the seemingly simple and basic matches of the game. Combat in Trials of Mana is predictable but fast, with smooth progression and varied strengths and weaknesses in many terrains. These are where you show off your combat and combo attacks, along with your characters’ skillful dodging and stun spells at the right time. In the battle, there is only frantic fighting, no place for leisure time. The frequency of combat is as much as 90% of the game time. That means you have to fight continuously. Your hands will work so hard.


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