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Introduce about Pocket Knights 2
Knights vs dragons

The storyline
Pocket Knights 2 is set in a certain kingdom when a dark force suddenly appears, rises strongly and threatens to destroy the entire human world. You, one of the knights of the kingdom, along with the other knights, are assigned to find the miraculous Starcore artifact to protect the kingdom and defeat the evil enemy.

In the game, there are more than 100 heroes from the three great races of the kingdom: Human – God – Devil. Normally, the three races were at war on a regular basis. But when confronted with common enemies, ferocious dragons, they are united, fighting side by side together. Each race has its own skills and strengths when fighting. You choose a knight (belonging to a race) to play and fight.

Levels, systems and gameplay in Pocket Knights 2
Pocket Knights 2 is the name that is causing fever on mobile game pages on social networks over time. With only average 3D graphics, and the story seems too classic, but Pocket Knights 2 has brought a lot of new experiences, making players unable to refuse. The first reason is from the strange level system of the game.

The game has many different levels. And if you are tired of games with only one game style from start to finish, then you definitely have to try Pocket Knights 2 because it is completely different from what you have ever known. Specifically:

From level 1 to level 20: mostly single player mode. You go through the process of self-improvement and skills before joining the knight team. With a series of big and small challenges that the game offers such as: crossing the jungle, crossing the battlefield full of monsters, collecting skill points, health points and a variety of rare materials to upgrade weapons, shirts, armor …
From level 30: the game will have a series of new areas for you to freely explore. More and more boss battles, the more and more generous and valuable items. And here, the freshness of the scene, the new enemies and challenges, at a much more difficult level will make you go quickly into a state of dizziness with excitement.
Once your knight is strong enough, you begin engaging in the battle with dragons.
And do not forget the essence of Pocket Knights 2 is an ARPG-style role-playing game, you can control up to 3 characters at the same time with different powers: Mage, Knight and Archer. Depending on the moment and depending on the opponent, we will choose the right hero to fight. So, in the first stage, you should try to collect as many resources as possible, to make your character stronger.

There’s a lot to say and play, but basically all of your mobile work is: tap on either side of the screen to move the character and lauch skills and attacks.

Also talk about game modes. This is also a factor that makes many gamers fall in love with this game. Because in addition to the classic PvP mode in Arena, you can also participate in guild and accompany your online friends in difficult rounds, without having to go through from start to finish.

Graphics and sound
In the mobile version, Pocket Knights 2 chose 3D graphics instead of 2D as before. But is 3D in a cute and witty style, not too important for the cumbersome philosophies of many other fantasy role-playing games. Colorful scenes, cute characters, are something that you will like me, sometimes feel happy and comfortable even though you have just lost a boss. This is also the factor that makes the whole game easier to breathe, optimistic and entertaining than before.


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