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Introduce about No Limit Drag Racing 2
An engaging multi-view racing for Android.

Diverse and improvised game modes that put you in a “sweet” race
In the beginning, No Limit Drag Racing 2 will open with a game mode selection screen. It can be said that this is the racing game with the most game modes among the games of the same genre I have ever known. Let me list a few modes for you to consider:

Career mode: Racing to win prizes. You will go through difficult roads and dramatic races, fight against AI rival cars, if you win, you will get bonuses and upgrades for the next races.
Multiplayer mode: Racing head-to-head against other players in the game system. In this mode, the racing system may be less diverse, but the level of slickness is infinite. The goal is for you and other players to have the land to show off their talents when racing.
Free Ride mode: Follow the beautiful roads lightly, comfortably, freely to see everything around. There is not too much competition here, and the races are also longer, the scenery is more beautiful and more variety for you to enjoy.
And there are a few more racing modes that are being completed and expanded in the future according to the developer.

With intuitive gameplay, once you get used to it, you will master all
No matter what mode I play in, my first impression of No Limit Drag Racing 2 is overwhelming. The game is designed with a horizontal screen to maximize visual effects and three-dimensional images. The cars are so nice with eye-catching colors and design. The scene appears realistically to each wheel track on the sand, the four sides open to the vastness. You start the exciting race with such an overwhelming feeling.

The operation of No Limit Drag Racing 2 is also simple. The bottom left of the screen is the simulated navigation buttons, which usually only appear left and right for you to choose, but in some situations where the space in front of you has too many turns, there will be more back and forth buttons for you to locate.

On the right of the screen are the buttons to select the view direction. With a direct view (like in first-person shooters), you will see the front of the car, just like the feeling of sitting in front of the steering wheel. Having a view from the back, you should use this to observe the accuracy of sharp turns, which makes it easier to master the steering wheel. With a full rear view, you will feel like you’re the one running behind your own car and watching how it moves. With this perspective, you can capture the overall scene with larger and more open eyes, and it’s also good for observing opponents in multiplayer modes.


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