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In Downhill Masters MOD APK (Unlimited Money), we can relive our childhood, the days when we were still learning to bike through fun bicycle races with girls and boys in this game. This game is a combination of racing and management, released by THEM Corporation on March 12, 2019. Although racing is your No. 1 passion, you also need to manage your time well, don’t leave it to affect work and daily life.

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About Downhill Masters
Do you remember the first few days when you learned to ride a bike? When I was 6 years old, my father taught me how to ride a bicycle for children. After three days of practice with fourteen falls, I was able to drive freely around the neighborhood I live in.

Funny characters

Start the game, you need to choose one of three characters Steve, Marie and Devito. Each character has different indicators. Steve is an accountant has a passion for racing, he has a super-fast forte. Marie is a fashion designer, she is very good at using tricks and cheating to distract her opponents. Devito is a strong and muscular chef, he can push opponents off the track easily.

Let’s race!

Your mission when playing Downhill Masters is to train an amateur character until he becomes the champion. A racer’s instinct was formed since he was a boy. Take part in exciting races and defeat your opponents.

In plot mode, you will have to pass 50 levels of the game with each level being a 4-person race. Unlike the Tour de France cycling race, the track in this game is the winding, narrow roads in the city. With this downhill bike sport, you need to take advantage of terrain and slopes to dominate your opponent. Don’t forget to use skills and Power-ups. They will be very helpful in surprise your opponent, then speed up and finish 1st.

After becoming a master in this sport, you can participate in the World Grand Prix – the venue for matches to find the champion in 28 of the world’s best riders.


As far as I know, perhaps Downhill Masters is the first racing game to pay attention to the daily life of athletes. Besides racing, you can switch to the work, gym or family screen by swiping to the right of your screen. Each screen has its own tasks that you need to complete in order to gain experience point and increase stats for the character.

Nutrition and healthy, happy life are extremely important to anyone, especially with an athlete. Each racer likes a different activity. Help them complete their daily work, such as Steve and Marie’s office work or Devito’s chef’s job. Help Devito to the gym and complete the exercises every day. Besides, Marie likes Yoga and Steve likes to play unmanned aircraft.


Besides, you can use the money to upgrade character equipment such as helmets, bicycles, engines, etc. Each device is upgraded to a maximum of 5 stars. In addition, the character’s stats, such as strength, speed, and jumping ability, can also be upgraded. If you want to upgrade comfortably without worrying about the money you have, choose our Downhill Masters MOD below.



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