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Introduce about The House of Da Vinci
Blue Brain Games has released a super unique puzzle game called The House of Da Vinci, the game brings adventure genre combined with interesting puzzles. Entering this world, players will have to find a way out of the room while searching for hidden objects to solve puzzles. Use your judgment and intelligence to analyze and clarify the homeowner’s disappearance.

The story
The story of The House of Da Vinci revolves around a young potential Italian artist. One day, he suddenly discovers his teacher – Leonardo has disappeared without a trace. No one knows where he went and what happened. As a student, he didn’t want anything bad to happen to his beloved teacher. He has begun to perform various search methods to bring his teacher back.

He thought of Leonardo’s house first. However, it is full of mysterious inventions, escape mechanisms and challenging puzzles. They are scattered everywhere. Only people with good logical skills can solve these codes.

Coming to The House of Da Vinci, players will be back to the renaissance and admire every corner of the house of the leading painting genius in history. From the first perspective, players can feel the context of the game more authentically.

Besides exploring the house, the player faces many mechanical puzzles. Leonardo’s inventions were a miracle, but for those who didn’t know them, it was a big deal. Every situation, every object requires smart and logical processing. And players need to solve that conundrum if they want to find clues about the missing teacher.

Overall, the problem is quite easy to grasp. For example, you need to find the password for a locked music box, escape from a closed room, confront a war machine, etc.

Not only that, while moving and exploring the mysterious house, players also have to search for lost objects, which are scattered everywhere. A little tip for better play, observe the objects are arranged in an unordered way compared to the layout of the room. Because it’s possible that hidden objects are placed right behind them.

To add to the uniqueness, the developer explored and put many riddles based on real ideas and inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci. You will learn the secret locations designed related to famous paintings. Do not miss!

An unique content
If you’ve ever played The Room, you’ll find The House of Da Vinci has similar gameplay. Instead of players having to memorize all the information and stringing it into a complete answer, The House of Da Vinci provided players with a feature to remember everything you have found. Thanks to this, the player can remember and better understand the story.

Players can use this feature whenever you need it, so you don’t need to worry about missing important details.

Discover interesting mysteries
In fact, this game is not for impatient people. I spent a long time just walking around in the room. At that time, my mood was very frustrated and stuck because I did not know what I needed to do to get out. And when I found a small clue, I realized that a while ago I was too impatient and lack of observation. Any small clue will bring a bit of useful and usable information.

The puzzles in The House of Da Vinci are both creative and interesting. It is never boring because the idea for each answer is constantly changing. Players need to constantly explore if you want to win!

The game has detailed and quite realistic 3D graphics. Covering The House of Da Vinci is a classic architectural style with an ancient western setting, after the Middle Ages. All details are meticulously designed. It has a slightly overcast color, but that suits the atmosphere of this game.



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