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Ultimate Custom Night MOD APK (Unlocked) is considered a mashup of all famous horror game versions of Five Night at Freddy. Join this thrilling “Point and Click” playground, you’re once again trapped in an office full of killer machines. Challenges to brainstorming and survival with cursed toys are waiting ahead. You will have to fear, thrilled about an approaching threat, not just a mere Jumpscare.

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Introduce about Ultimate Custom Night
If you’re a fan of horror games, you’ve probably heard the reputation of Five Nights at Freddy’s, a series of games that seem to be extremely simple but has sparked fear for many players. So what do you think when there was a game that combined all the horror elements of the previous Five Night at Freddy’s versions?

Coming to Ultimate Custom Night, players will experience a menu of 16 horror challenges, designed according to different themes. Although mostly taken from Five Night at Freddy, Ultimate Custom Night also has many differences to create accents. First to mention is that you are free to choose your enemies. The Five Night at Freddy series has 7 versions so the number of characters gathered in Ultimate Custom Night is extremely large. With over 50 cartoon characters to choose from, each character has its own alluring characteristics. And of course, they can all make you scream when they appear on screen suddenly. To further increase the challenge, the developers allow players to set their own difficulty levels from 0 to 20.

The system will rely on the chosen value to distribute the matched factors accordingly. But overall, this game is not easy to overcome. Therefore, the advice for the first time experience should not be too hasty and set the level of difficulty. You should go calmly from easy to difficult, so you have more time to experience.

Your task in Ultimate Custom Night is very simple. You only need to monitor the security camera, close the door so the robots cannot enter your room. Always watch carefully for the roads leading to the outside and lead straight into the room like two side doors, two ventilation pipes (you can sit from a desk and watch them). Like a classic horror movie, the power supply to power the doors and the camera is running out. How to win? You only need to survive until morning. However, this depends on your sensitivity as well as your analytical ability to use electricity in the most appropriate way.

Don’t forget to use tools
The final challenges in Ultimate Custom Night require players to master the tools like A/C, music boxes, generators, heaters, … if you want to win. Defensive is also not to be ignored, you can set up laser traps in the vents, collect Faz-Coins, buy items from the Prize Counter. As a tip, don’t forget to closely watch not just one but two Pirate Cove curtains (the danger often lurks there). Use the tools installed inside the room to track and deceive those foreign objects so they can’t find your location.


The more games you win, the more opportunities players have to unlock cutscenes. The answers to the mystery are often hidden in cutscenes. In addition, the game also unlocks some other rooms for you.

Graphics and sound
For horror games, graphics and sound are the extremely important factors to impress the player. Inheriting the quintessence of its predecessors, Ultimate Custom Night gives players a room full of horror with gloomy scenery, grotesque designed objects that bring a chill down the spine.

The footsteps, rattling sounds, whispering are realistic simulation and will make the player startled taperingly while having to stretch the brain to watch the camera.

About Ultimate Custom Night MOD APK latest version


MOD feature
Unlocked Survival Kit.

Benefits of Survival Kit
Unlimited power: Never run out of electricity.
Fast nights: time elapses 2x faster.
Unlimited faz-coins: never run out of faz-coins.
Usable simultaneously or separately.
Still maintaining the true nature of the previous FNAF versions but still making its own special substance, Ultimate Custom Night deserves a place on your phone. This is really a great horror game, but not for players with a weak heart.

If you want to experience Ultimate Custom Night, you have to pay $ 2.99 to download them from Google Play. But on APKMODY, it’s free, you just click the link we provide at the end of the article to download the APK (or MOD) file, then proceed with the installation as usual.


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