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Introduce about My Cafe
Running a cafe of your own is the desire that so many of us have. This dream is second only to the desire to write a novel, someday. But instead of giving up your job and immediately invest a large amount of money to buy a coffee maker and billions of other things, visit My Cafe to see if you have the talent of a cafe owner or not.

The best cafe simulation game
In this game, you will own a stylish cafe, but be prepared, it is not easy. You will experience all the difficulties that the owner of a real-life cafe (but you can treat it like a free lesson).

My Cafe allows you to do everything the way you want it: unleash your interior design potential and build a beautiful cafe, then play the owner and decide the price, the menu, who you should hire and how to train staff.

The fun will really begin when it comes to deciding on the recipe your drink. You can create different types of coffee and tea. They look so appealing that you’ll regret it because the technology of this game doesn’t allow you to truly taste them. All have to rely on the taste of the virtual guests already. So, you need to communicate with them more. The purpose is not only to know how they feel but also to understand what they want. If you do this, your cafe will soon become prosperous!

You may not know, Moe Girl Cafe 2 is also a very funny cafe management game.

Grow and expand to get more customers!
In the beginning, you only had a small coffee shop with a few sets of tables and chairs! If you have a good enough business strategy, the number of customers will soon increase and you need to expand your cafe to provide the best service to customers.

My Cafe is designed in great detail and you can find the tools you need to make more drinks and food. However, you must work harder, serve customers and communicate with them to gain experience points. By most, devices like automatic coffee makers, pastry counters, vending machines, and furnishings only unlock when you meet the level requirements.

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