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Introduce about My Ninja Girlfriend
My Ninja Girlfriend is a new visual novel game released by Genius Studio Japan. If you regularly follow the posts on APKMODY, then games like My Nurse Girlfriend or My Rental Girlfriend are too familiar. In general, the gameplay is quite similar, and My Ninja Girlfriend is not an exception. Genius Studio always creates unique stories, taking you from surprises to other surprises.

The story
Join My Ninja Girlfriend, you play the main character – a high school boy with a normal life. One day, you accidentally save the life of an injured female ninja named Kasumi. Not long after, Kasumi transferred to your class as a transfer student. Even though you tried not to want to get involved with this rather oddly beautiful girl, she will always cling to you wherever you are. Kasumi said that she was one of the few remaining ninjas. Because you saved her life, she vowed to serve you to pay the favor.

However, you don’t just get in trouble with Kasumi ninja but also with Kasumi’s apprentice, Yui. While you are not sure how to deal with the two girls, Kasumi’s rival – Raina also decided to win your attention to prove herself better than Kasumi.

Although ninja girls always bring more trouble than help. But thanks to their appearance, your life becomes more interesting and fun. You start to have feelings for these lovely girls. However, you can only choose one, and you do not want anyone to be hurt. Can you choose the love of your life, or abandon them to get rid of troublesome relationships?

My Ninja Girlfriend has the same gameplay as other visual novel games. You need to choose an answer to communicate with the girls or make a choice. Each choice leads the story in a completely different direction. Therefore, you must choose carefully to avoid trouble and help the next event in the direction you want.

You should also know that each of your options can change the end of My Ninja Girlfriend. However, do not be too stressed if you have an unwanted ending, you can play it from the beginning to change it.

Kasumi, a talented and stylish ninja with short purple hair. She is a person with a sense of responsibility, cold to hide her shyness. Kasumi’s personality is quite tough. Especially when she insists on repayment even though you have declined many times. In the trio, Kasumi is the ninja with the best fighting skills.

Yui, a student of Kasumi. She is cute but somewhat awkward and goofy. Yui idolizes Kasumi more than any other ninja and she always wishes to someday become an excellent ninja like Kasumi. However, Yui’s skills are still quite immature and she needs to study a lot.

Raina, an arrogant and somewhat hot-tempered girl. However, her nature is not bad at all. Raina is also a talented ninja but her skills are always underestimated than Kasumi. It also makes Raina always jealous and practices to overcome her. Raina is considered a rather violent person. However, since meeting you, she has been trying to be softer.

Above is an overview of the main characters. Being able to get a glimpse of each person’s personality will give you control over your choices and decisions to guide the story. Of course, the game also has the appearance of extra characters. But you do not need to pay much attention to them, because their purpose is to provide information and sometimes try to divert your views.

The highlight of My Ninja Girlfriend is that the graphics are designed with beautiful 2D anime style. This gives you an experience that is like enjoy the novel vividly.

All three female ninjas have beautiful appearance, cute voices, eyes and expressions. It is thanks to the efforts of the design and voiced team of Genius Studio Japan. They are really devoted to this game.

MOD APK version of My Ninja Girlfriend
MOD feature
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