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Introduce about Dungeon: Age of Heroes:
The Hero digs up the dungeon to save the kingdom from evil.

The plot
Dungeon: Age of Heroes opens with the decline of the Jatran kingdom where everything is in the dark and many evil forces begin to rise. You will assemble an army of heroes, travel through the kingdom to uncover the secrets, destroy the evil, find treasure, and save Jatran from the disaster of the dark sky.

And of course, we have not just one hero but a group of mighty warriors. Each hero character has its own ability. You will find ways to make the most of it, promote it and turn it into a great advantage later on. This is also the point that creates the attraction and diversity that attracts players from the first minutes of entry.

There are quite a few characters. Each has its own unique abilities, styles, shapes, and backgrounds. For example, Warrior is tall and muscular with lightning strikes and powerful attacks; while Archer is small, agile, and archer like a god; there are also Mage, Rogue, and many others with different abilities and characteristics.

And if you really want to have a smooth beginning with Dungeon: Age of Heroes, you should start with an Archer hero because this hero is good at not only archery but also moving. Archer’s “territory” is usually located in the center of the game, where you can have many opportunities to attack and move freely from one map to another map.

The simple but dramatic gameplay
Dungeon: Age of Heroes encourages players to complete challenges and scenes in their own way. You can choose to make friends with strange characters, you can fight enemy A before enemy B or vice versa, and you can also freely move from map to map to kill enemies. The game is also randomly designed, so each time you play, you will see different scenes, enemies, items, and weapons, seemingly never-ending.

In this mobile game, you only need to touch and select the menu items on the right, touch the enemy and the hero will perform the attack continuously until the enemy is destroyed. Every time a new item or weapon appears, the game will always have the necessary pauses and pop up a notepad to introduce that new item and suggest to you how to get it.

Generously, the game also marks the path of every move to guide the hero. Everything is quite easy and concrete, isn’t it? For the newbie, this is such a big gift. But for those who love speed games or are familiar with similar game genres, these overly detailed instructions can interrupt the playing rhythm a bit too much, and the rhythm of Dungeon: Age of Heroes is generally a bit slow. When it comes to the hero fighting scenes, the speed of these heroes swinging their swords is also super slow. But it depends on the taste of the players, someone may like it.

In the beginning, you will create your own hero. Then the first quest begins to unfold. Click on the selection button on the right, you will see the menu appearing. You can read all the information about the selected hero, see the status of your hero army, or review the to-do list (this is essential for later scenes after the number of quests increases rapidly). Or you can check out Devine Grace, a form of a skill point, which is a collection of all blessings to strengthen the hero and the whole army. There are different types of Devine Grace such as Wisdom, Craftiness, Health.

One tip for those who are new to this game is that after creating a new hero, you should go on a quest in Map Training. This helps us better understand the Quests in the game. And although that quest is named training, when you complete it, you will be upgraded directly to Level 2, of course, you will be able to use Level 2 heroes.


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