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Boris and the Dark Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Stamina) is ready to download. A fascinating but also extremely dangerous cartoon movie is waiting for you. Will you be able to survive in this game?

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Introducing Boris and the Dark Survival
And if you are a fan of horror games, Boris and the Dark Survival should not be ignored – an adventure game with a horror plot. It was developed by Joey Drew Studios – the developer who has released many popular horror games like Bendy and the Ink Machine and Bendy in Nightmare Run, so you can be assured of content.

Coming to Boris and the Dark Survival, you will become a lone wolf who must fight the ink machine to survive. If you’ve ever watched the horror game Bendy and the Ink Machine series, you’ll see the main character in this game is Boris – Bendy’s companion. You will play as Boris with the sole task of exploring throughout the abandoned animation studio to get the supplies needed to continue his journey of survival. If you’ve ever tried horror games like Granny or Grandpa, you’ll find this game has the same gameplay. Stuck in an abandoned animation studio, but not only you are in it. Players are not alone in this horror adventure journey because Ink Demon monsters are always lurking in the dark.

Remember one thing, there is no safe place in Boris and the Dark Survival. The studio is completely dark, so it will be difficult for players to see the whole scene, but the Boris character is also equipped with a flashlight to be able to see better. While exploring the movie studio, players will be revealed a shady plot to understand the secrets that are buried here.

What is Stamina?
The right side of the screen will display the necessary items that you need to find while exploring the movie studio. Whenever an item is found, it will be highlighted to mark that it has been collected. The studio is huge and you won’t know where to go, sometimes you’ll go around with no destination and that will exhaust your character.

The vitality state of Boris is shown by the stamina bar on the right side of the screen. Players in the collection process can also earn energy drinks cans (usually hidden in wooden cabinets) to fill the energy bar. In addition, there are many mysterious wooden boxes, if you can find them, you can choose to open them or not.

Ink Demon will always lurk everywhere and waiting for you at every turn. In order to detect the monster’s presence and avoid it in time, the player must listen to his pounding heartbeat or sighs. You can move up and down floors by finding elevators and using them.

Because Boris and the Dark Survival is an adventure game developed on mobile devices, so its control system is extremely simple. Players just need to tap the screen with their fingers to help Boris move, turn to different directions as well as collect items and explore them.

Graphics and sound
Boris and the Dark Survival opens the game for a ghostly survival world where players will experience many “heart stop beating” moments. The scenes are overcast and the quiet space, there is only breathing, your footsteps and the beating heart of Ink Demon.

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