Hollywood Story: Celebrity Life Simulator Game

Celebrities are all talented people, and they use those talents to create money, fame, and many other jobs to promote themselves. However, not everyone is the same, as everyone will be good at a particular field, there will always be a support team accompanying anytime, anywhere. So, have you ever wondered about the life of a famous Hollywood actor? Especially the young generation with countless opportunities in the future. If you want to experience that life, go to Hollywood Story – Celebrity Life Simulator Game. In that game, you can build your own life, like your looks, your gender, your talents, and even decide on many things that can happen in life. Coming to this game, players will get the most authentic experience of a celebrity who has a life of luxury with great talent.

Hollywood Story is a simulation game, allowing players to build and design their characters and identities. However, players will have to start from scratch and develop by participating in countless activities to promote individuals publicly. Everything will be simplified in this game; even players can enjoy this game in portrait mode. In a celebrity’s everyday life, they experience many things, like work, stress, relationships, property, etc. The game will simulate those elements, making the game as authentic as possible. Of course, it will still be in the ‘celebrity’ category for the player to have the most authentic feeling.

Before players start to become a celebrity, they need a perfect character, from looks to personality. The character-building system can only build the physical body, while the player has to build the personality through interactions with other characters. During character creation, players will have the following options, namely gender, body, skin color, and more. In the future, players can change their hairstyles and color and accessories that make the character stand out more. It can be said that the character-building mechanics is rich and varied, allowing players to enjoy building celebrity the way they want.

Hollywood Story is a game that simulates the life of celebrities with great acting talent. Therefore, the player’s job is mostly to participate in world films or television, thereby showing their talents through the game’s decision system. If the player chooses the decisions that best suit the current situation, the game will have a lot of progress, but besides that, there will also be many negative choices. This game gives players the freedom to choose a decision, whether negative or positive because each decision always yields a different outcome for their career.

In the movie entertainment industry, there will be many other celebrities besides players, even many people who have negative thoughts from the beginning of elimination. Besides, there are also many people willing to make friends with players to build a sustainable relationship, even creating many other benefits. The interaction is simple, it is talking together, and the other party will always be the one to take the initiative when most of the lines are questionable, and the player chooses the appropriate answer. Of course, players will receive many invitations to parties, thereby expanding relationships for career development.

When a player becomes a celebrity, they need to be as important to their appearances, such as jewelry, appearance, beauty, etc. Furthermore, each party needs to be as outstanding and impressive as possible, thanks to the expensive clothes the player chooses. If players participate in the activities of the world, then they will be made a lot of decisions in the choice of costumes. Depending on the type of event, players will have to choose the best outfits to create a sense of publicity and even express themselves in fashion. Not only fashion, but they also have to choose vehicles, as celebrities have a higher income than ordinary people, and shopping is just a recreational activity.

A celebrity’s life can be seen as extravagant when they can afford to buy things and open a lot of parties to expand their relationship. The game will also have many things for players to explore and experience, such as develop feelings, living a romantic life, enjoying a variety of fashion, and even becoming a professional actor. When coming to this game, players will enjoy things that only people from the upper class can experience.

Hollywood Story will bring players to a fictional world, a peaceful and lively place for players to relax and entertain. Not only that, but the game also creates many interesting situations for players to enjoy, such as chatting with characters with important status. Everything that the player experiences in this game is perfectly simulated to show the real life of the celebrity.

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