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The people here are people who love detective films? Do you want to transform into a real detective on your way, to find the truth hidden through the clues left on the scene? Join Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure is to play as a detective who is lost in the land of magic, to search for his friend who is being captured and hidden in a secret place. More intense, you will have to uncover the dark truths of the city. Released by G5 Entertainment, the game gained popularity thanks to the success in iconic design. So do you want to transform into a detective on your way to finding the truth with the black veil that has long covered the entire magical city? Download “Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure” now to follow the detective guy on this exciting adventure. The surprise is always hidden on your every step on this map.

You will have to transform into a detective guy on his way to collect real evidence of a hidden magical world. But an unfortunate thing happened, one of his friends was swept by a faint black smoke into a mysterious world. The only person who can follow the trail to save him is you. Adventure in a world full of colors and seek what is hidden in the darkness of the kingdom. The magical power is mingled with science; strange creatures are everywhere, making this place weird. What you need to do is try to track down the evidence that the person you’ve left behind. To rescue your friend and escape from this city, you will have to fight monsters in the dungeon full of danger. These dangers are even beyond your imagination. So be careful what is around you. Rely on intelligence to be able to make wise steps to overcome all the difficulties trying to prevent you from reaching your destination. Try your best to overcome the challenges that the manufacturer put into the game to find the culprit behind all the crimes.

The game is a combination of many different game genres, so there are many different ways of playing through each separate stage. For example: Solving puzzles, finding similar images, finding differences between 2 pictures, match-3 … All are blended in a very logical and creative way. With just a single game, players can enjoy many ways to play at the same time. This is a novelty in the game and is considered a smart move from G5. This has made the player not bored when having to play a single game with a unique way of playing. Feel the uniqueness of different ways of playing through each level.

Is a game that receives a lot of attention and praise from players, so the game also has many unique features of its own

Discovering Mysteries
With more than 60 locations with different strange signs on the map, players can comfortably accompany the talented detective to discover unsolved mysteries.
Mission System: The game is put in approximately 5000 different tasks by the manufacturer. This is a huge number for players to complete.

Set of items
The game has up to 732 different collections with many different things. This is just a collection of many items put together, not to mention the number of items in the game too much. Players can collect fascinating items in the game by overcoming challenging levels.

Diverse NPC
With a rich NPC system up to 45, players can have different lines, different stories, and various missions. Depending on the requirements of the task, players may have screens with varying styles of play. Moreover, the number of monsters in the game is also vast, with 15 small monsters and many giant monsters are unknown.

The colorful 2D world with a variety of cities where magic is everywhere. It attracts the eyes of the player at first sight to the game. The 2D graphics is an extremely user-friendly graphics; this is a graphics layer that has been extremely familiar to many players around the world. A colorful world is shown in front of the players.
Effects: The effects obtained in the game are very diverse in colors — the true nature of a Magic City, where miracles take place throughout the streets.

Sound: In terms of sound and background, music is also made perfectly. Every song in the game shows the fun of a magical world. The sounds of the skill performance effect are also extraordinarily consistent and true.

The game has been made entirely, though it is a mix of different genres and ways of playing. Not only the game does not cause discomfort for players because of this ambiguity but also creates a new and unique feeling to attract players. Download “Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure” now to have adventures in a magical land that you will never forget.

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