Hey Love Chris: Chat Love Story Free Download For Android

If you are passionate and love beautiful and romantic love stories but do not need the intertwined twists and emotions that you often see on TV, reading through novels, it is great because now, Now Hey Love Chris game is for yourself, right there you are.

Now, through the game Hey Love Chris, you will have the right to choose the story you want and join the game to show your own solutions. The result will be the result of what you have done in the game. A love story in the fashion design complex and troublesome is waiting for you. Are you ready to enter this wholly new and equally exciting world? I promise you it won’t make you regret downloading it. Come to our good and surprising stories and details.


It will be interesting that you will be the main character in the game in the storyline, what you secretly dreamed of and dreamed of being the heroine in romantic movies, right? And now it has come true in Hey Love Chris, and you will be playing a girl as a fashion designer for the Maison Mac – a tycoon in the luxury fashion design industry. He is a famous designer who rose in the industry because of his own competence and effort. Because, in his body, there was a French bloodline full of romance and elegance, so his designs were very is loved by everyone. But now that things are getting in the way, he needs a more innovative and innovative fashion collection to take his brand to the next level, and you are his fashion designer. I choose to fulfill his aspiration to bring his company to the public and become a bright star in fashion. Can you complete this difficult task?


Fashionable design environment full of creativity and high aesthetics of yourself. A place where geniuses gather in the field of makeup and interact with hundreds of models, actors, and famous companies who want to work with. In Hey Love Chris, you will communicate with everyone through texting with super cute symbols and emojis that make conversation engaging, and you won’t get bored. Each character in the game will be hand-drawn by the developers in the style of an outstanding shimmering and beautiful visual novel / otome game. You will be fascinated with us only, I dare say so.


This is a game that simulates the Japanese otome game. The game aims to develop a romantic relationship between the heroine and one of the few male characters. But Hey Love Chris is a completely new style and has its own characteristics that attract players. In Hey Love Chris you will be the female lead, and you will have very troublesome relationships with extremely handsome and admirable male characters in the fashion world.

There will be 3 brightest candidates for you, and you will choose the one you love the most or choose the one that is right for you, depending on your personal taste. But it’s not that simple in this selection. While choosing, you will get into some trouble and have to troubleshoot. For example, if you were pregnant with Chris’s model, how would you handle it? Can you keep flirting with other guys and dating? It’s up to you only; it’s up to you to decide.

You will play as a girl in the game, but in real life, you are a guy, it’s okay, you can still play this game because Hey Love Chris has developed more LGBT love story content, it’s great. Not only that, but the development of Hey Love Chris is also reflected by features such as more than 36 ways to end based on your choices and decisions, hundreds of options for you to make, and various love stories. Texting a love game, a beautiful love story has never been easy, but everything is possible in the game.


Hey Love Chris simulation game brings beautiful moments in love mixed with happy and sad emotions, mixed with a little romantic humor, making the game more attractive. And one of the successes that the game brings cannot fail to mention that the Japanese anime-oriented otome image will be sharp and beautiful, arousing your imagination and making you more attached to the love texting game. You are looking for a fashion beauty game or you are looking to be a heroine in a love story, please come to Hey Love Chris game. It’s free and it’s awesome!

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