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Heroes Strike is a MOBA game with many different modes and uses lovely, friendly, and vivid 3D graphics to bring players the fierce experience of the battlefield. When players come to this game, the first thing that impresses them is the diverse skill system, unique character classes, and effective equipment for players. This game is also very diverse in game mode, allowing players to have fun with friends or join Battle Royale matches. Besides, the game belongs to the 3v3 survival shooting genre, so players not only use personal skills but also have to know how to coordinate with teammates to overwhelm the battlefield.

 Brawl Shooting Multiple Game Modes
The game has vast, diverse gameplay, and there are lots of things for players to entertain with friends. Things like the game mode, characters, skills, maps, and its attractive features have endless possibilities and will give players a new experience with the 3v3 MOBA genre. The game also uses simple 3D graphics, combined with vivid colors, lovely designed characters, and eye-catching visual effects to impress the player. Also, the game supports the most flexible and modern control mechanism for the MOBA survival shooting genre. If you are looking for a game with fast-paced gameplay and engaging, this game will be a perfect choice for you.

True Esport spirit, you’ve found it!
Heroes Strikes is a MOBA shooting action game, so its control mechanism is designed to be flexible, modern, and versatile for players to have a smooth experience on the battlefield. Players will control the character through a classic top-down perspective, it allows players to look around more clearly, and tactical action based on the situation of the wall battle. Of course, the maps inside this game are meticulously designed, detailed, and there are many covers for players to hide. There are even some grass bushes along the way for players to ambush the enemy with unexpected traps. Also, the game will support players with many different control mechanisms, such as 2-joystick control, touch & auto-fire, classic control, etc., to suit many different players.

A unique PvP combat style made
The game also allows players to customize the interface to suit themselves freely, and players can arrange a joystick, button, or some other things for a better control experience. The console will have all the important functions for the player. Functions such as special skills, team communication, and more will all be displayed on the screen. Anything the player wants, the game will have it, whether the control mechanism, the interface, or the communication with teammates, the game will make everything perfect.

The system of characters of “Heroes Strikes” is very diverse and rich, and they are divided into many different difficulty levels for players. Each character has its characteristics, such as attributes, appearance, and skills. The diversity of skills and characters in a squad is a significant factor in the tactics. Players need to understand the character they are controlling and coordinate with other teammates to create great combos. While fighting, players can coordinate actions such as movement, attack, skills, or interact with the environment, and players can do whatever they want in this game to bring victory to the team.

Designed for freebies!
Heroes Strike uses MOBA as the core and combines with many other elements to create an engaging, diverse, and thrilling gameplay. Depending on the game mode that the player chooses, the objective in the match will be varied. The match will end until the time is up or a team completes the goal. Players can choose the random game mode, or any specific game mode to show their skills on the battlefield. During the battle, the player’s character will start at level 1, and will gradually level up if the player destroys the enemy. Leveling feature is essential, and it is the core of a MOBA game. When the character level up, the base stats will be improved, and allow the player to add points in any skill. Each character has up to 4 different types of skills, and some can be active skills or passive skills.

Prepare your tactics, fight side by side with friends and climb up the League!
The variety of skills and the leveling system makes this game more interesting than ever. Interestingly, players can also change some equipment support for the champion they are playing. The equipment is useful in many cases, and they will have a variety of effects when activated. Also, the game will bring players many exciting things, such as events, costumes, mini-games, and a variety of attractive prizes. Of course, the game will also bring players many new modes, and new heroes for players.

If you love the MOBA 3v3 genre, or want to enjoy a fun game with great graphics, “Heroes Strike” will be a choice for you.

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