HAWK Force of an Arcade Free Download For Android

HAWK – If you have played Chicken Invader series from the company InterAction then congratulations, your childhood really glorious, fun. With the move to move forward and shoot the flying birds, you will be extremely excited with what Chicken Invader bring. Regarding gameplay, there are quite a few games with similar gameplay. Most recently, EverWing has created a social craze for Facebook. This proves that such games are well-liked by many. Thanks to the success that previous products bring, My.com BV confidently launched the game HAWK – Force of an Arcade. Having the same genre and style with EverWing and Chicken Invader, HAWK is quickly picked up by gamers. Newly released shortly, millions of downloads as well as comments, feedback from the players. This is gradually bringing the genre back to a fever that is not small.

Pilot Planes, War Fighter Jets
Just like EverWing, your mission is to drive modern ships, attack those who are trying to destroy you, stop you from advancing. Your craft is equipped with a gun that can increase your strength if you receive buffs while destroying enemy ships. Of course, if you hit the enemy, you will die. However, once buffed will help your immunity once died. With over 190 different levels of play, satisfy your endless addictions. The higher the level, the more difficult the game. You must have flexible dodge skills, and your barrel must be strong enough to kill the enemy quickly. Want more power, use the money you receive after each kill to upgrade equipment, weapons.

Featuring 3 different game modes, Arcade, Team-up, and Assault, you can enjoy your combat training skills, exploring many exciting levels. With the basic gameplay, you can explore, learn chapters and exciting things when interacting with NPCs, thereby gaining a better understanding of the game, as well as some tips to make the gameplay better. The other modes are leaning on raid bosses and interacting, combining multiple players. If you find someone who can not make a difference, ask your friends, or anyone else, to match and fight the boss. Make sure the fight becomes more attractive, more engaging.

Classic graphics
HAWK- Force of Police Arcade is designed as a full 3D simulation, if the first-come, certainly less will impress you greatly. The effect is smooth, and the image is meticulously polished, careful, challenging to find a point not satisfied. The sound is incredibly lively, giving the HAWK experience a dramatic boost, which really blends well with the graphics. The details and operation are simple and easy to use. During the game, players have to minimize the parameters to help players focus entirely on the game. The shooting effect is also beautiful, promising to bring a bottle of glitter, aggressive, exciting.

As an arcade game, it will definitely make you feel familiar if you have a great childhood! So, if you want a return ticket for childhood, afraid of not loading HAWK – Force of an Arcade right now? Game titles are free on the App Store, if seen, or can be shared with friends so that both have a worthwhile experience.

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