Guardian Chronicle Free Download For Android

Guardian Chronicle is a game just released in 2021, available on both iOS and Android, produced by LINE GAMES Corporation. This is a video game with an interesting goalkeeping strategy if you are a person looking for unique types of games, wielding your brain through making your unique tactics. This game will be an indispensable choice; please find out the necessary information before starting to play.

Unlike many other types of games, Guardian Chronicle is not just a plow, but you have to be brainstormed to conquer this game genre. In the game, you have to fight a myriad of extremely dangerous and unpredictable enemies, but don’t worry, as you get the maximum support from the guardians with each skill and way. Various customization including defense, attack, support, growth, and there are dozens of categories to collect. You will use them to devise your own tactics a reasonable in the given time. The game takes you into a theatrical battle space, defensive gameplay that requires creative thinking and extremely new features.

The game has very new content, including a competition mode where you will confront your opponent and the Co-op mode where you join forces with others to destroy monster classes. Your task is to protect your base and arrange guardians in a reasonable position and suitable for each person’s skills, some have defensive skills, and contestants have the effect of attacking monsters; people slow the movement and attack of the monster. In particular, to make sure victory is at your fingertips, you must save key guardians to the last minute. After completing the quest, you will receive gems and summoning cards, accumulate them to a certain amount to upgrade your base and guardian.

Besides, the game also allows you to integrate the same guardians into one in order to explore the optimal power to destroy countless powerful opponents. This will help you create a guardian with a perfect version and powerful attack power, giving a new feeling and extremely engaging the player during the fight. The game not only brings entertainment but also makes players improve their minds through each choice.

Guardian Chronicle is a fun, highly entertaining game. But the only problem that makes players quite dissatisfied is gold grinding. Gold is only given with great value when you first start playing, but when you use up all the gold to upgrade, it is very difficult to earn or if you win many matches in a row, you can only earn with a small amount of gold. Except for that, it’s almost perfect, from visuals to sounds and loads of other standout features.

Guardian Chronicle that is difficult to disappoint players with rich and engaging content, highly logical gameplay, addictive, and especially, it also has hidden depths below its soft nature. The game is not really simple, but if you are passionate enough to discover all its mysteries, this will be a game that will accompany you for a long distance.

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