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For the average gamer, March 27 is nothing too special. But for those who love skiing, maybe this is the day they have been waiting for a long time. Official information comes from the publisher Toppluva AB that they will release their latest game on this day. Last year they opened a topic on Reddit and received the attention of many gamers with the product called “Grand Mountain Adventure.”

Sit high and short to look at the majestic mountains
During that time, many people tested this product during its beta test. It can be seen that it has achieved a lot of credibilities because the graphics are beautiful and the operation is smooth and smooth. The last six months since the manufacturer gives official information on the release date contains a lot of efforts of the design team. When the game comes out, you can easily download it on Google Play. Or maybe use our website to download this product for free.

The game will take you to a snowy mountain where it has formed a dedicated resort for those who like to play this game. Players will ski through dense pine forests, go to frozen rivers, or get through sparse houses built on year-round frozen peaks. First, the player will be able to take the cable car, to the top of the mountain. And then from the top of the mountain to slide down with a third view from above, people can observe everything around them. “Grand Mountain Adventure” has a minimum viewing angle but creates a tremendous effect.

For example, the standard game, the distance you pass will be behind the back, and in this game, the perspective of the player is the opposite. This though has a drawback that the player cannot observe everything that is about to come to him, but thanks to the viewing angle placed above the panorama are fully performed. What I know is that this is a single-player game that means that the player will overcome the ordinances that are set in the game to try his best to get the higher the score as much as possible. As with all snow games, this will give you more points when you make a difficult move. Besides, the world opens to allow players to ski anywhere they want. According to my speculation mentioned in the store for players to unlock after successful games.

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