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Glory Ages – Samurais: Japanese samurai was a culture, an ancient system of thought and beautiful country. Those heroes have strong fighting skills and honor, so they are always loved. The film, the story has been about them for many decades. At present, fighting games are more and more popular, the image of the Samurai is more composed. Manufacturers from around the world, learn about Samurai culture and put it into their products.

Become Samurai warriors
Glory Ages – Samurais shows players a world of harsh and fierce demons that the Samurai must experience. The battles are ongoing, and it’s not even fair. But these heroes still have to fight for themselves, for the people around them. With a glamorous and exotic look like a movie, NoTriple-A Games Glory Ages-Samurais is real work. In addition, the manufacturer also brings to Google Play a lot of products tend to fight. If you love their game can be found in the store.

This game will transport you to medieval Japan When the Samurai is the most popular force. Their sword battles will take place in Glory Ages-Samurais. These battles are incredibly fierce and require extremely high tactics. Enemies in the game are designed with extremely high intelligence.

Art 3D graphic style
The mechanism of Glory Ages-Samurais operation is quite easy to understand and similar to a combat role-playing game. Players will be provided with an Analog Stick along with a trio of services on the right. Including strike, beat and jump are all the moves you need to make for a fight. There are also special effects that Spider-Man can do that we must have tactics against it lying with not too much damage.

There are basic modes of combat game designed in this game. With basic 1 vs. 1 mode, the player will have to fight with an enemy controlled by the AI of the system. If you want to upgrade the experience, you are allowed to participate in a 1 vs. 10 battle or even have mighty bosses waiting for you in raid boss mode.

Sum up
The Samurai era will be depicted in detail with fierce battles. The Glory Ages-Samurais depicts you campaign on a meadow. Players will use their sword to fight other people. The movements of the character in the game are described more smoothly. True sound along with the change of time makes the players feel engaged in a real-time battle.

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