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Surely, the “Chicken Invaders” game has become too familiar with the generations of 8x, 9x generation students. Since 2008, the period of online games are still limited and not as popular as now, offline game titles such as Chicken Invaders become a hot spot to be welcomed by many people. Chicken Invaders excelled with a fun style, and many situations surprised players. Therefore, it can attract players for hours without being bored. After more than 10 years of development, Chicken Invaders has grown to a new level with the name: Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter. This version is wholly improved in terms of content and graphics, so it promises to bring you an exciting experience.

Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter builds a context in a very distant future when the human population becomes too crowded, and they need to develop their lives into outer space. During that journey, they found a perfect planet in the galaxy, with water and light, qualified for life to grow. However, the development was not long before a force of aliens appeared and took over the planet. They claim that humans will not be able to survive here one day if their military still exists. Two choices are given, either leaving the world we searched for hundreds of years, or fighting against aliens until the end.

The commander of the spacecraft fleet trusted you and entrusted you with the responsibility to repel the creatures. You have received the order, and you need to start your journey to fulfill your mission, protecting life for people to continue to grow. During this journey, you will control your battleship to shoot down your enemies.

A broad range of enemies
For those who have played Chicken Invaders, perhaps the gameplay of Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter doesn’t seem anything new. You only need to touch the screen to control the direction of the ship’s movement while the ship’s weapon system automatically shoots bullets. Each stage of the Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter takes place in two waves. The first batch of soldiers was soldiers, although they were small, they had huge numbers.

Campaign mode
In the course of your battle with these soldiers, you have the opportunity to collect many types of bullets, which have an exceptional impact. Your battleship will become dominant and has a considerable damage attribute. However, the first part is just the boot. After you have defeated the small enemies, the boss will appear. The characteristics of the boss are important defenses, high HP, and they fire a lot of bullets. Therefore, you not only need a powerful warship but also must have flexible control, to avoid boss-fired bullets. If you accidentally get hit by a bullet, then you have to play again from the beginning.

Upgrade & evolve
Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter is a fun game. Not only is the gameplay attractive and straightforward, but this game also has a pretty graphics background. Every time you collect new bullets, your warship will fire sparks or lightning that looks very nice. Besides the space context is also designed with artistic features. You will be immersed in the vast space of the galaxy, where there are cosmic dust clouds, mysterious planets and bright rays emanating from the stars.

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