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The nature of this life has already caused a kind of suffering when people are born to be subject to the management and education of their parents. The pressures of life as well as the expectations of those around you make you survive and grow up to their liking. Sometimes, when you are so depressed that you can’t stand it anymore, you often think about why you’re still living in this life. It’s true that if you have to live such a life, it’s ridiculous, too much. So do you ever wish that you will be able to live a different life, a place where you can do whatever you like, to be anyone you desire?

A Life Simulation Game
In fact, this is too difficult for the social constraints that you have endured. But for a game product, you can freely do these without fear of anyone. Both because in the game you can do everything when told to do the right thing, they are praised, when you do it incorrectly, you can freely reset everything. There is no one who can judge you in a simulation game. It is your own life, you can do what you like. “From Zero to Hero: Cityman” is a game that allows players to freely replay their lives that suit those who live in the city. It will raise a human life that begins with a zero where they don’t own anything at all. All your efforts are things that need to be done regularly in order to get the best results. Your life is miserable, you can blame the situation and society, but in the game where you fail, it is really a shame.

Begin your career as an unemployed guy
From Zero to Hero: Cityman is a simple simulation game so you can enjoy the fun moments. Because of this, it uses a type of graphics that is quite easy to access. You can immediately love it because this game uses 2D images with extremely fun and eye-catching designs. You can imagine it as if you were reading something, but there were no such details as hardcore games like action games. Character design is as simple as what you often see. When the main character will be a young man with a rather happy face showing positive emotions, love life. Although his starting point is from zero, this man has always brushed his life high, always assuming he has the ability to overcome the situation. Therefore, the design of the game also has quite bright colors, the dog features in the game are also arranged in a clear way with the caption below. However, this is a pretty confusing game, so it was marked as 12 +. Like children who have had a little bit of life to be able to operate this game in the best possible way, the younger ones probably still don’t understand.

Actually, the way to play this game is quite simple when you will start with the struggling life of a young man. This character is falling into a crisis that is said to be the biggest at the moment. He has no job and no money so he lives today but still does not know what he will eat tomorrow, where he will live. However, you will have to quickly find a way to make money. Players will have to quickly find a job suitable for themselves, part-time work is also free as there is a little money for you to continue to cover for the coming time. Work really hard to have a little extra money and then continue investing in the future. You will have to go to school and do everything to upgrade yourself because this is essential for your future salary.

Your life’s journey will go through many important milestones, for example, for the first time you can buy yourself decent clothes for yourself. After that, for the first time, I could rent a dormitory myself. Entering the first college class to upgrade yourself, find the girlfriend of your life. When the two fell in love with each other for a while and were able to understand each other in each thought of marrying and creating a happy emulation family. Once you’ve made a lot of money, enjoy your life in a comfortable way.

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